Are you really that miserable?

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


Are you really that miserable?


On the way to the gym this morning at 5:30 am mind you, I got to a red light and it suddenly turned green, the guy behind me who is in a big rush slammed on his horn, then blew around me shaking his fist at me.


Really dude? Are you that miserable this early in the morning?  I laughed because every morning I am so happy just to be alive and here was this guy so irate.


I remember bike riding on the beach once with my best friend we happened to both be blessed with a day off during the week together. It was a beautiful sunny early morning, an incredible beach day and we were enjoying our day biking next to each other catching up.


When out of no where this women came up behind us and screamed at the top of her lungs “Single file!!!”  Then shook her fist at us, still mumbling as she drove off mad as hell.


I started to laugh so hard I almost fell off my bike, here was this beautiful day, no one was on the bike trail but us and here  she was so mean and miserable just because we weren’t riding single file really? ?


What about being grateful that we were healthy enough to do this? That we were blessed to be here looking at the ocean, the palm trees, the clouds in the sky? Or even that you woke up this morning, it could have been another way, aren’t you even grateful for that?


No some people will always be that way, always seeing the cup half empty, pointing out the bad, all the what if’s, letting you know it is impossible.

They will never be satisfied or happy. I know this first hand being raised with my grandma who lived with us and was the most mean, nasty, negative person I ever met.


I swore even as a child that  would never be like her and every day I thank God I am not.


I chose not to be mean, I chose to be positive, I chose to be grateful and feel blessed each and every day, this is my choice,

So today my friends, chose your path, chose your day, chose your life… it’s all up to you chose to be miserable or chose to be happy. the change you want to see.


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