Do you ever smile?

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Do you ever smile?


Yesterday I wrote about miserable people and today like every other day I walked into my gym and saw this women, for the last five years that I’ve been coming here I have never seen her smile.


Five years, no smile nothing, she looks miserable as that man in the car yesterday. I can’t imagine how bad life could be for her, that in five years you haven’t smiled once. She looks well dressed, well groomed, she doesn’t look like she’s starving, so she must have a home, food, a car she drive here in, a job to pay for this gym membership, how bad is it really? ?


Now I go to the gym 5 days a week and I am here for at least an hour, most days an hour and a half and so is she and never once a smile, it’s amazing.


I wake up every morning smiling I am grateful I have yet another day, I am truly grateful that I am healthy enough to be able to go to the gym, as so many people are not.


I get here at 5:30 I am singing to myself walking in, I am saying hello, I am on this treadmill with the biggest shit eating grin, lip sycing to my music, yes, some people who aren’t morning people, probably would like to slap me off the treadmill but I am happy, that’s me…that’s what I chose to be..happy…grateful. …blessed, everyday I feel these things because I know it could have been another way, Hell it was another way for so long that makes today that much more special.


When your miserable like that you project that into the universe, your arora is heavy and dark, and guess what that  is what is going to come back to you? You know the book “The secret” you get what you put out there, it’s true !


So today my friends wake up, be grateful, smile it’s a beautiful new day, you never know what amazing things can happen and remember what you put out  there will come back to you!

Be the change you want to see!


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