The blessing in disguise

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The blessing in disguise


I just wrote a book called the blessing in disguise, the reason I called it that was because of all the things that happened in my life, all of the obstacles, all of my setbacks, all of the pain and suffering I went through. ..all of these things were really blessings to me.


Did I see them as blessings at the time? Oh hell no, I felt like I’ve must have done something so bad to have to endure all the levels of crap that was being thrown at me, that God had left me and I hated him, I felt alone, broken and defeated and some of you reading this today might feel like this….why me? Isn’t it enough already? I can’t take it anymore. ..


Yes, I’ve said all of those things and more…I’ve was on the floor crying out, not wanting to go on but I knew I was a survivor and you are too! Some days I had to get through, not one day at a time but one minute at a time to survive.


We all go through bad times, what got me through was my renewal of my faith, I had no where else to turn, so I let go and I let God.

See, these things made me stronger, the nah sayers, my mom included made me want to say oh yeah, watch me…

I kept dreaming of a better life, I envisioned it, I ate, breathe and put it out there…the life I wanted. I let go of fear, I started to believe in and like myself again.


All of these things made me stronger until I had the courage to step out in faith and then my life change in a miraculous way, these where all lessons, these things were my test for my testimony so I could help someone else who was going through it, to give hope to others, to encourage and to be a blessing to others, this is way I had to walk this journey.

Was it hard? Beyond belief!

But I wouldn’t change one tear, one painful moment because all of it made me who I am today.


So today my friends, these storms are there for a reason, so that you can know that eventually the sun will shine, bright and beautiful and that you will appreciate the sun because you’ve been through the worst of the storms.


“Be the change you want to see”


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