Do you ever smile?

Hump day Treadmill Treats


Do you ever smile?


Yesterday I wrote about miserable people and today like every other day I walked into my gym and saw this women, for the last five years that I’ve been coming here I have never seen her smile.


Five years, no smile nothing, she looks miserable as that man in the car yesterday. I can’t imagine how bad life could be for her, that in five years you haven’t smiled once. She looks well dressed, well groomed, she doesn’t look like she’s starving, so she must have a home, food, a car she drive here in, a job to pay for this gym membership, how bad is it really? ?


Now I go to the gym 5 days a week and I am here for at least an hour, most days an hour and a half and so is she and never once a smile, it’s amazing.


I wake up every morning smiling I am grateful I have yet another day, I am truly grateful that I am healthy enough to be able to go to the gym, as so many people are not.


I get here at 5:30 I am singing to myself walking in, I am saying hello, I am on this treadmill with the biggest shit eating grin, lip sycing to my music, yes, some people who aren’t morning people, probably would like to slap me off the treadmill but I am happy, that’s me…that’s what I chose to be..happy…grateful. …blessed, everyday I feel these things because I know it could have been another way, Hell it was another way for so long that makes today that much more special.


When your miserable like that you project that into the universe, your arora is heavy and dark, and guess what that  is what is going to come back to you? You know the book “The secret” you get what you put out there, it’s true !


So today my friends wake up, be grateful, smile it’s a beautiful new day, you never know what amazing things can happen and remember what you put out  there will come back to you!

Be the change you want to see!


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Are you really that miserable?

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


Are you really that miserable?


On the way to the gym this morning at 5:30 am mind you, I got to a red light and it suddenly turned green, the guy behind me who is in a big rush slammed on his horn, then blew around me shaking his fist at me.


Really dude? Are you that miserable this early in the morning?  I laughed because every morning I am so happy just to be alive and here was this guy so irate.


I remember bike riding on the beach once with my best friend we happened to both be blessed with a day off during the week together. It was a beautiful sunny early morning, an incredible beach day and we were enjoying our day biking next to each other catching up.


When out of no where this women came up behind us and screamed at the top of her lungs “Single file!!!”  Then shook her fist at us, still mumbling as she drove off mad as hell.


I started to laugh so hard I almost fell off my bike, here was this beautiful day, no one was on the bike trail but us and here  she was so mean and miserable just because we weren’t riding single file really? ?


What about being grateful that we were healthy enough to do this? That we were blessed to be here looking at the ocean, the palm trees, the clouds in the sky? Or even that you woke up this morning, it could have been another way, aren’t you even grateful for that?


No some people will always be that way, always seeing the cup half empty, pointing out the bad, all the what if’s, letting you know it is impossible.

They will never be satisfied or happy. I know this first hand being raised with my grandma who lived with us and was the most mean, nasty, negative person I ever met.


I swore even as a child that  would never be like her and every day I thank God I am not.


I chose not to be mean, I chose to be positive, I chose to be grateful and feel blessed each and every day, this is my choice,

So today my friends, chose your path, chose your day, chose your life… it’s all up to you chose to be miserable or chose to be happy. the change you want to see.


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When God closes one door…

Treadmill Treats Monday message


When God closes one door…


I have been through a lot in one lifetime as most of us have and I, like you sometimes feel like why is this or that happening to us? We try to do the right thing, we are good people, yet somehow life throws us curve balls to knock us down, out of the blue, Bam! There they are!


We are human, we don’t understand why that door is shut so we run back, we weren’t ready to close that door, we keep knocking…”Hey I wasn’t done…”  but God knows what is for you and when it’s time to move on, even if we can’t figure it out. He will open other doors to bigger and better things yet we keep fighting to go back to what we were comfortable with, even when it was no good for us.


Even when we know it was dead long ago, we weren’t ready to go, fear kept us stuck in a place that we made excuses for yet we stayed.


We have all been there, in a job we hated, with friends that were no longer healthy for us or here’s a big one, stuck in a relationship that sucked yet we held on long after we should have.


Fear keeps us stuck, fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear that it won’t be better, that we will be alone, that we will never find what we had. We don’t look to think that maybe this will be the best thing that ever happened to us, that this transformation will make us stronger or that it will give us a testimony to help others.


Now here’s the scarest part, we need to have faith, to believe, to hold on during the storm and still praise about all the other blessings you have, that is true faith, letting go even when you don’t want to, trusting that this is what is best for you even when you can’t see it now.


So today my friends, don’t keep knocking on that closed door, step back take a deep breath, step out in faith and then look around for a new door, it’s the one you hadn’t noticed before because you were so busy banging on the old one.


Be the change you want to see..


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Friends with your Ex’s

Tgif Treadmill Treats


Friends with your ex’s


Yesterday I was on the phone with my ex boyfriend and he had me cracking up. We are really good friends now and I am so glad.


We were together for three years and lived together years ago. He is a great guy and I was too young and stupid to realize that at the time.


My ego and my own “self worth” keep me from talking to him for years because of something I thought he should have done. It wasn’t until 25 years later when we reconnected and we spoke of our breakup that I realized how pompous it was of me to not even consider looking at it from his point of view.


I am so glad he’s back in my life now, just like all of my other past boyfriends, see I fell in love with them for a reason. They were kind, funny, sweet, good men each with their own great qualities that attracted me to them in the first place.


So why couldn’t we be friends?  It didn’t work out but they are still the great guys they were.


Okay here’s the exception to the rule, we all have picked losers, guys or girls who presented themselves one way then the true self came out after they reeled you in, the con artist who made you believe you were the only one.

Yes, my hand is raised really high on this one! I have no time for lying, cheating men then or now.


What I am talking about is great guys or girls that it just didn’t work out with, why would you bad mouth them?  Why cut them out of your life?  I am friends with all my ex’s and I would even be friends with my ex husband if he would, even after all he put me through, we have a bond that will never be broken, we have children together, the biggest bond of all. Why wouldn’t I do that for the sake of my girls?


I know people may think it’s weird but I look at it as they were my friends first, my lovers second and I am a friend forever.


So today my friends but away the anger and hatred towards your ex’s, you loved them once, they brought something special to your life and heart. Let them back in, enjoy all of their great qualities without all of the other mess.

Give thanks for all the wonderful men or women in  your life.


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Getting the message you need to hear

Thursday Treadmill Treats


Getting the message you need to hear


Yesterday I wrote about feeling sorry for myself and throwing a pity party for one. When I woke up I knew what would make me feel better, what always makes me feel better and that is working out.


They say the endorphins you get from working out is like a high and I can tell you that’s true. So I hit the gym to do a mini triathlon, figuring that would definitely make me feel better. I ran 2 miles, I swam 15 laps and then came home and rode my bike around my lake for 4 miles.

(my both clients had canceled so I had plenty of time)


As I was riding my bike looking at the beautiful lake, the clouds and nature all around me I started to feel better, when I past a older women in her late 70’s she was jogging with a cane! Yes you read that right a cane but even that didn’t stop her from running!


Now I’m thinking what the hell do you have to feel sorry about here’s a women who’s not letting anything stop her. Pity party officially over!


I go to church later and the message is dream big!! really big! God had bigger dreams than you can dream for yourself, anything is possible if you believe!  Things will come at you when your about to make a break though to bigger things, Nothing can stop you but you!


That was the message I needed to hear to keep me going to let me know I am not crazy for dreaming big, for making a new vision board with the New York times bestseller, Oprah and Tyler Perry studios on it! And not to get down even when crap  hits the fan, just shake yourself off and keep believing!


So today my friends, remember after your pity party, get up, get moving, dream big and never stop believing!!

Pity party table for one

Hump day Treadmill Treats


Pity party table for one


Yes, I write an inspirational blog, yes, for the most part I am the most positive person you will ever meet, yes, I always look at the bright side and try to see the best in people.


There are some days that my human side comes out and as much as I try, I can’t help it. So every once in a while I throw a pity party with a table for one.


They say when big things are about to happen, stuff starts to go crazy in your life and it’s true as I am preparing for the release of this book and my YouTube channel, working all kinds of crazy hours other things are going nuts, clients canceling, “friends ” stepping back because we don’t see eye to eye, no love life in sight, overwhelming pressure in personal and professional life, there are some days I can’t handle all that’s going on and I break down.


I’ve learned it’s okay to throw yourself a party, to cry, to drink, to yell if you have to, I am human and I cannot be superwoman 365 as much as I would like to.


So when I get like this I watch sappy movies (great watch love movies about a love life you don’t have, good one! )


I am still Tinker bell and I still believe in happily ever after even if I am alone. I let it all out and then I cry myself to sleep. In the morning I put my big girl panties on and I am okay.


Everything looks better in the light. (Okay maybe not everything if it was along night of drinking in the club and you wake up next to….oh wait, flashback from years ago, wrong topic sorry)

Oh, please your all laughing because you’ve been there, done that!


Where was I ? Yes, I put on my big girl panties and I keep going, new day, new attitude, it will be a better day today. Some days you have to do it one day at a time, one hour at a time, that’s okay just get through it, it will be better.


So today my friends remember it’s okay to have a pity party, have some whine and cheese, a sappy movie and a good cry tomorrow is another day… the sun will shine and it will be okay, you got this…you got this…


*Disclaimer * today’s message was for me but if you got anything out of it, bonus plan!!

LAUGH life is too short!!

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Stop blaming everyone else

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


Stop blaming  everyone else


We all know someone out there that blames everyone else for their life, it might even be you.


You are steady complaining that everything is wrong because of what happened in your life, I was poor, my parents were abusive, my dad’s a drunk, I was in a horrible marriage, blah, blah blah …insert your sob story here.

Yes, that sounds harsh and it is but it is the truth. We all have a sob story, that doesn’t make us, that doesn’t define us, it is what got us to where we are today, that’s all.


Td Jakes says a great quote

“You cant drive your car looking in the rear view mirror, your rear view mirror is for telling you, you have past something, that’s why it’s smaller, the front windshield is large so you can see what’s ahead of you”


That is how I live my life, I don’t let my past define me, I am not a rape victim or a victim of verbal abuse, no, I am a survivor. I don’t say I can’t do this or that because I was in a horrible place and I can’t or won’t get over it.


I wrote a book The blessing in disguise, because even with all that happened to me, I consider it a blessing, It might have not felt it then but I now know it definitely was. It made me who I am today, the strong, confident women who is not afraid and is so very grateful for everything I have now.


It breaks down like this, 10 percent is about what happens to you and 90 percent is what you do about it.


So today my friends, do something!  Stop complaining, get up and change.

Get excited about your life, stop complaining, find your purpose, do what you love to do, step out of faith, let go of your fear, stop blaming everyone else and step up…it’s your life, live it!

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Yes you can!

Treadmill Treats Mondsy message


Yes I can…


This Easter we need to know  that yes you can… God gave us his only son so that we know that we can overcome anything.


There is a inner strength in you, in all of us, it’s there, you might have to hit rock bottom to get there but we all have it in us.


When you tap into it, there is nothing that can stop you.

You are here for a reason, for a purpose. We all have a purpose,  a God given gift that you can do the best with the least effort. It can be cooking, talking, writing, singing, whatever it may be it’s your gift.

Don’t think because you screwed up too many times, that you failed, that you hurt too many people for you to change, you can always change.


You can change from bad to good, even with a horrible past, you can change your life, you can overcome any obstacle, never settle for where you are in life and think that is all life has in store for you.


This is a season of miracles, this is a day of miracles, Jesus rose from the dead, anything is possible if you believe. Live every day believing that you will seize your God moment and you will.


So today my friends, remember even if you do good, even if your friends stab you in the back  and pretend they don’t know you, even if your left alone, to die that you will get another chance to be reborn, to start over, you can do it…Yes you can!

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Even I need a kick in the ass

Tgif Treadmill Treats


Even I need a kick in the ass


Yes, I preach every day about being positive and keeping the faith but even I sometimes need a kick in the ass.

The other day I was going to get my photos taken for the back cover of my upcoming book with my friend G. As we were talking I happen to say that my ex is now only giving me 150.00 a month for child support even though he drives around in a 680.00 a month Bmw and what kind of crazy crap was that.


I was having a bad week, 3 of my clients had canceled on me and when you work for yourself every dollar counts, I had been working long hours trying to get everything ready for the book and had been a little under the weather and not my usual cheerful self. We have all been there and I am no different so when he turned and called me out on my comment, I was taken back.


He said “Don’t put that out there, don’t be jealous of what he has because God has greater things in store for you.

Your canceling out your blessings when you say that”

He was right, I knew that, hell I preach that, yet here I was spewing it out there because I was mad.


Sometimes even though we know what is right, we still do things the old way, falling back on what we use to do, the key is to realize it or to have someone point it out to us, so that we can change our thinking and get back on course.

This “spiritual journey” we are on is all about lessons, growing, changing and becoming better people but we all sometimes fall backwards and we need to get up and try again.


So today my friends make sure you have someone in your life who will check you, tell you like it is, put you back in your place and listen to them. That person will keep you grounded when things seem out of control they will let you know how off course you are. Listen…..because we all need a kick in the ass sonetimes.


Can you shut that alarm off!

Thursday Treadmill Treats


Can you shut that alarm off!!


If you read my blog you know I write it while on the treadmill hence the name Treadmill Treats. I am up every day at 5 am and at the gym by 5:30.


I work out 40 minutes on the treadmill  (unless I really have a lot to say then it’s longer) I then lift weights and strech for another 40 minutes, some days I swim instead but I do this Monday through Friday every week.


I always tell you the truth, my favorite saying is that I am not Willy Wonker, I will not sugar coat it for you. Some days it sucks getting up, some days I want to throw the phone against the wall, some days I pull the covers over my head and say hell no, not today.


I am human and as much as I love to exercise some times I am lazy and tired but I know that I have to do it. There are many reasons why

1- is I like to eat, good stuff not all the time but when I do watch out!

2- I have a really bad family history of heart disease

3- I like to keep my body in shape.


So as much as I’d rather sleep for the most part I am up and out every morning.

Here’s the thing…they say if you do something for 30 days it becomes a habit and when it’s a habit, it takes over your life, so when I don’t work out I feel guilty.


So today my friends, even when you want to shut that dam thing off and go back to sleep, get up and do it, it will make you feel better and you’ll get to eat that piece of cake you want… once in a while.