I was wrong

Thursday Treadmill Treats
I was wrong….

I am big on telling everyone your never to old to learn something new and your never to big to admit your mistakes.

Today I will practice what I preach by raising my hand to say I was wrong and I am sorry. My cousin called me out yesterday, she said she knows me and knows my heart is pure but when she read my blog yesterday, if she didn’t know me she would have thought otherwise.

She went on to tell me that when a person is clinically depressed or has a mental disorder and you mix it with over use of prescription drugs and alcohol, sometimes the things that work for one person doesn’t work for another. She also said they get to a point where they feel they can no longer go on and as easy as it is for me to say change your thoughts, change your attitude, it cannot work for them as they need more than that.

They need intense and sometimes long amounts of therapy and the help of medication to get them to change. Her morib messages were a cry for help and her reaction to me was out of defense….hurt people, hurt people…but did that mean I should write her off?

Wow…I never looked at it that way…yes, I am strong, I believe that anyone can change anything in their life if they truly want to…but maybe if I stepped back without emotions I could have saw this was way beyond my “words of wisdom” and here I was judging her for not trying  a different path.
I still a firm believer of mind over matter but as my cousin pointed out when you have a mental condition your mind is no longer yours and so I apologize for my ignorance.

I am so grateful for my cousin and others who call me out but most of all I am grateful to know I can learn a lesson from it, that I am never to big in my own head to admit my mistakes and to say I am sorry.

So today my friends, I am sorry if I came off as a pompous ass yesterday, I am sorry if I couldn’t see it from someone else view and that I was so fast to write someone off just because I was sick of listening to them complain about an issue they obviously can’t change on their own.
I truly hope my friend gets the medical help she needs before it’s too late and that we all can learn something from this as well…never be to fast to judge, never be to closed minded to hear and learn a lesson and never be to big to apologize…

“Be the change you want to see”

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