how quick negative thoughts will change your mind

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How quick negative thoughts will change your mind…

I am always writing about being positive, keeping the faith, keeping your eye on your goal.
I tell you nothing changes when nothing changes  (my bestie, jill’s favorite saying ) change a thought, focus on the positive but as I also tell you I am human and even though for the most part I do as I say ….there are some times I fallshort of my own advice.

So when I received my book in the mail the other day you would have thought I would have been through the roof…all my hard work, here it was finally, done, this is it…..yet I wasn’t. I had all these doubts, it’s too big, who’s going to read it? Am I joking that I will become a New York Times bestselling author?  I don’t speak or write proper English, I am no Toni Morrison. …please girl get a grip, it’s all a pipe dream….

Yes, I went from… I have sick faith to who are you kidding you can’t do this, in one point one seconds. So I asked yet again for a sign… yes I know last week I asked for a sign and Bishops sermon was “God said don’t ask for more signs” 
(I couldn’t make this up if I tried)

Still I needed a confirmation, I  did tell I was hard headed didnt  I?
I was running scared, this was too real for me….
And so I went to church last night and this was the message….. read above statement “I can’t make this up…”

In the bible the people of Egypt followed Moses , they believed in him they saw him part the red sea, they saw God fed the millions, he gave them water out of a rock, over and over God proved himself to them with miracles no less, but when two verses later they came with a bad report and all of a sudden they cried out to God not believing in him, yes, the change was that quick, one verse they believed and two verses later they changed their minds and we’re running scared not believing.
One word from someone and that fast they went from positive thoughts to negative thoughts.

Yes, that’s all it takes for the tiny seed of doubt to take root in your mind and all of a sudden your doubting everything you believed before. See what the Bible talks about that words have power …the power to change your life….

Even I who preaches positively every day can some times slip and fall and let in the seeds of doubt but I know that I will not let these seeds germinate I will pull them out and spray my garden with sunshine and positive energy and I know that if sometimes a weed does get through I will be that quick to pull it out as I know how fast one weed can take over your whole garden…

So today my friends, remember words have power…choose then carefully…. they can change your life for better or for worse…the choice is yours.

“Be the change you want to see”

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