What is true love?

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What is true love?

We’ve all hear the old saying…
Love is patient, love is kind …
But do you really have a pure heart when your in love with someone? Will you sacrifice your own happiness for theirs? Do you truly want them happy?

I recently was speaking to my high school sweethearts sister and  I said I would want her brother’s happy even if that meant it was with someone else, even at the expense of my own happiness, I would want to see him happy because he is a good man and he deserves it.

She said to me..that is the essence of true love…that is the purest of love…the love you have for my brother is what true love should always be…unconditional, with an open heart, and always giving of yourself.

To a lot of people that is hard…have someone happy when your not? Sacrificing for another? We live in a “me” world, me first everyone else behind me…
Some people don’t even put their children first let alone their spouse or lovers. They can’t imagine putting someone’s needs above their own.

Love is giving it your all and not expecting anything in return, it’s loving someone so much, that you will literally do anything for them, their needs over yours, you think of their feelings first, you are even willing to bow out in pursuit of their happiness.

I never really thought of it that way before, I knew I will always love this man, that he would be in my life one way or another but did I have the capacity to love in the truest sense of the word…the love the word talks about and teaches you?

Yes, I do…I learned that no matter if we were together or not, I wanted him in my life, that I prayed for his happiness, that he would find love and peace in his life, with me or without me it didn’t matter, all that matter was his happiness.

I have learned to put my girls needs over mine since they were born, that is easy for a mother…but for another person without anything in return?
I have grown and learned so much these last 3 years and yes, I can love unconditionally, I learned to love people for who they are, in their souls, not looking at their faults as we all have them.

Yes and I have learned what true love actually means…to love someone else with a pure heart….

So today my friends, love with a pure heart, not for what someone can do for you, or what you can get out of it for yourself but just for the love itself, in its purest form..it is then you will know you have arrived in a place of joy.

“Be the change you want to see”

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