When you hurt…I hurt

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When you hurt…I hurt


I tell you all the time I live big and I also love big. So when someone I love is hurting, I feel their pain and I hurt too as I know how their heart is breaking.


I remember years ago when my best friend at the time was dating this guy and she literally caught him cheating on her. She was beyond herself, I went to her, we talked and cried for hours, she was broken hearted and I was just as broken hearted for her.


I felt her pain, I knew what she was going through, I was mad, I wanted to beat his ass because he hurt her so bad. When I care about someone I am all in, I will defined you till the end, I have your back and yes, I feel your pain.


People tell me I should guard my heart, not love so big, don’t let people in that close but that’s not me, it’s not who I am. If I get hurt so be it, it will be a lesson learned.


Today my heart is aching because I know my bestie is on a plane to help her son bury his fiancee, who was killed in a car crash. Her heart is breaking and I feel her pain, as a mother, as a friend, just as another human being seeing someone else hurting, your heart goes out to them.


I will be praying for her and this family to get through this difficult time and I will feel their pain,even this far away.


So today my friends, remember life is short, live large, love big and open your heart up to help someone going through a difficult time. You never know that one day the shoe might be on the other foot….



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