Thank you for all you’ve done…. for all you are

Thursday Treadmill Treats


Thank you for all you’ve done…for all you are


This week I’ve been talking about how life is too short and how we should appreciate all of it and all the people that are in it.


Today I want to talk about letting the people in your life know how you feel about them, now before it’s too late.

I remember my mom telling me this story of her grandma who raised her, she would tell my mother “Don’t bring flowers to my grave I can’t smell them there” now say it will an thick Italian accent, picturing a little women in a black dress and bun on her head, yup that was her!


My mother brought her flowers every week and never brought flowers to her grave when she past. I took that lesson to heart and I too bought my mother flowers every week even when I moved to Florida I had flowers sent to her once a month.


I wanted her to know how much I loved her, how much I appreciated all she did for me. There was no unspoken words between us. I spend 10 days on the floor of her hospital room, making her laugh, telling her I loved her, there was no regrets for me when God took her home.


I continue to do that with everyone in my life, I never end a phone call without saying I love you, I send notes and cards to love ones, out of the blue, telling them I miss them and appreciate them. I tell my girls every day sometimes 3 times a day, that I love them, I constantly tell them how proud of them I am, how they can do anything they set their mind to.


I even told men in my life my true feelings even if I didn’t know if they felt the same way why?…because what if they did? I don’t want what if’s in my life.


I write this blog 5 days a week to try to let people know and realize their self worth.

When God calls me home there will not be any unspoken words left in my life…no what if’s, no I should haves, no regrets, all of the people in my life will know how much they meant.


So today my friends, call someone you love, tell them you love them, make amends with someone, forgive someone, ask for forgiveness, don’t let the moment go by, you never know if this will be your last chance….don’t live with regrets….


“Be the change you want to see”


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