No regrets

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No regrets


In this week long series of life is too short blogs, I end it with this one…no regrets.


If you ask me if I have any regrets in my life, I will tell you no, everything I’ve done brought me to where I am today. If I did have one regret that I use to hold on to, it was that I didn’t go to a away to college, I was a mama’s girl and didn’t want to move away and I regret not having that whole college campus life experience.


But I let that go too, I have learned that life is to short for regrets, it’s too short for what if’s, if you make a mistake, learn your lesson, then move on and don’t look back, don’t beat yourself up over the mistake and don’t let anyone hold that mistake over your head thirty years later.


You hear people say all the time, I should have done that, I wish I did this different, if I could do it over I would do this…


Just yesterday I was talking to my soul sister and we were taking about my new book, she asked me would I change my life and all the pain I had in it, if I could?


I didn’t have to even think about the question, no definitely not, all that I went through, I had to, there was big lessons I needed to learn, to share with others, to be able to grow and be in this place of peace I am in now.


No, I know how much pain I had in my life but even still I wouldn’t change a single thing. I don’t beat myself up for the horrible choices I have made and believe me, I made many, especially when it came to men, lord help me!


But each mistake made me stronger, it taught me what I wouldn’t put up with the next time around, it made me know my self worth and know how I expect to be treated the next time.


Everytime I fell on my face, it taught me to be able to laugh at myself, to let go of my ego, to be brave enough to put it out there to teach others a lesson.


Everytime I said or wrote something stupid, I learned to apologize, to let go of trying to be right, to humble myself and admit what I did wrong.


Every pain of losing people I loved taught me, to not take a loved one for granted, it taught me to let people know how much they mean to me, each and every day they are here.


Every betrayal of a friend or family member, taught me to hold tight of the ones who had my back, to trust my institution, to let go of hatred and anger.


Yes, everything I went through every broken heart, every tear I cried at night, every time I cried out to God because I thought I could no longer go on, every one of these things taught me a lesson that shaped me into who I am today.


So today my friends…download this week of my blogs, print them out, post them on your refrigerator, and reread them, so before you lose someone you love, you will tell them, you hurt with them, you appreciate them, you live your life large, you love them because you have learned to live your life with no regrets.


“Be the change you want to see”


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