The 10 things you dont want in a man


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The 10 things you want in a man


This is a repeat because as I was writing my blog, 40 minutes into it, poof it disappeared and I have no energy to rewrite it…will try it again tomorrow for now enjoy an oldie….


Last night while speaking to “my blast from my past” we were talking about the blog I wrote on Sunday “I refuse to settle” He said instead of putting out there of what I wanted, why didn’t I put a list together of the ten things I didn’t want in a man.Ten things that would be absolute deal breakers when looking for someone.


He went on to say, maybe all the things I had on my want list, well maybe I was too stuck on certain things and what if I met a man that had most and not all would I disregard him because of it?


If I made a list of the things that were deal breakers and found a man that didn’t have any of that list, shouldn’t I take a deeper look at that man? I’ve never really thought of it from that perspective before so as I always tell you, your never to old to learn something or to see things in a different light as long as your open minded.


So here is my list of the ten deal breakers:


1-Must love my girls, make them part of his life as they are part of my life, this is a package deal.


2-He cant lie, period!, Not a small white lie, not I am doing this for your benefit lie, No lying period!


3-He cant cheat, I am committed, you better be as well, if you still had oats to sow you should have done that before we got together.


4-He cant be cruel or heartless, that says a lot about a person, how he treats others.


5- He cannot disrespect me, Ever! Ever! I had come a long way and I refuse to be disrespected. He will never curse or belittle me. I would never do that to him and expect the same in return.


6-He wont put me last on his list, just like I will put him on top of mine, I should be on top of his, behind God.


7-He cant have his life in a mess, drama, baby mama drama, I don’t come with that and I sure as hell don’t want any.


8-He cant be unreliable or flaky, be a man of your word, if you say it , do it!


9-He can’t be a broke brother, sorry I am not asking for a rich man, but at 50 you should have your life together, no bill collectors knocking at your door, or you pawning our rings to pay your gambling debts.


10-He cant be controlling, manipulate, egotistical, narrasstic, or so into himself that he thinks the world revokes around him.


So these are my deal breakers, feel free to copy and paste them to your dating sites. There are no going back, there are no second chances (especially for me and the cheating, I threw two men into the streets in the middle of the night and never looked back.)


No, that is it, period! I am not looking for things I don’t have myself or things I would never do to someone, so why is it so hard to ask the same of another?


So today my friends as I write my list, think about what is on your list and these ten things that are non negotiable for you in your next relationship and then stick to them. There are things on our want list that we can live without but the things on this list are not any of them.


“Be the change you want to see”


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