Dont rain on my parade

Thursday Treadmill Treats


Don’t rain on My Parade


I don’t understand people some times, how they can be so negative, so closed minded. I always see the glass half half, I always believe anything is possible.

Yet there are so many people who are ready to rain on your parade, tell you “What are you kidding? That will never happen”

They are the first to point out all the reasons why it can’t happen, why it is impossible, how many times you fell on your face before, so why would this time be any different.


So many of us take that negative voice and keep replaying it over and over until it becomes our theme song, we start believing it and we never even try…


“Why bother…even my mother, father, friend, husband insert negative person here____ said I can’t do this.” So we give up on our dreams, we stop believing in miracles.


Yes, I know all about this, my ex said I couldn’t make it without him, my own mom said I couldn’t make it, my friends thought I was crazy to get divorced and just start a new business with no clients. No one believed I could work 3 jobs, take care of 2 girls and write a book. They said I was nuts quitting one job a week after closing on my house, they said it was impossible to gutt and remodel a whole house in 30 days with a minimum ¬†budget.


Ha! Guess what? I didn’t listen and you know what? I did all of those things! I left them all standing there with their mouths open in disbelief. Oh yeah, Try me…I stopped listening to all the nah sayers and started listening to the tiny voice inside of me that said you can do this, you got this…


I read books, I did research, I made vision boards, I cut out all the negative people out of my life and replaced them with positive ones, I ate, slept and dreamt about all I wanted, I worked hard, I never complained, it was already done in my mind. And it was, poof! Just like that, it was done.


Just like I say over and over I am going to become a New York Times bestselling author, I am going to be on Oprahs super soul Sunday, that Tyler Perry is going to produce my movie, I constantly put this out in the universe. I know these things are going to happen, just as sure as I know I am breathing.


Yes, it’s a big dream, how’s it going to happen? I don’t know, my God can open doors, perform miracles, I don’t worry about how I am getting there, just know I will be getting there.


And no one will be raining on my parade, no one will tell me that dream is too big, that can’t happen because I refuse to listen.

The track that replays in my head is… never give up, keep dreaming, anything is possible, don’t stop believing!


So today my friends, ¬†remember don’t listen to the haters, don’t put your dreams on a shelf because someone says they are impossible. Start a new track in your head and start singing “Don’t rain on my parade!”


“Be the change you want to see”


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