Going home

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Going home…


I always write about being blessed with an incredible amount of family and friends and I never take that for granted.

So when I go home, it still amazes me that I am in contact with so many of them and that it feels like it was yesterday that we hung out.


Even though I’ve lived in Florida for the last 26 years this is and will always be home for me and these childhood friends will always hold my heart.


There is nothing like seeing an old childhood friend that knows you since grade school, they remember you in pig tails, with braces, before, during and after all the boyfriends, they were there for you in laugher and through the tears. They know who you truly are and still like you in spite of that.


There is a bond you share that is deep, you know the same people, the same places, share the same memories, it is a connection that can never be broken.

This trip I was blessed with being able to spend time with a friend that I haven’t seen in 26 years since I left home, you would think that it might be weird after all these years but I have to tell you it was nothing less than amazing!


He was one of my best guy friends, we hung out in his dad’s bungalow colony  (for those of you who don’t know what a bungalow colony is, it is a group of cottages on a large piece of property that included  a pool, tennis courts, a main building with food, games, movie nights, dancing,  there you go, think of dirty dancing and that is the definition of bungalow colony )


We partied at the down under, (our version of a night club) I went to work with him at Kutchers Hotel, to watch the shows while he did the lighting there. There were many late nights of him pushing my ass up his parents steps telling me to be quite because I was too drunk to drive home. There were too many laughs to remember with him and his family and I have truly missed him.


And here I was 26 years later at a Def Leppard concert just like we had done in the past…and it felt the same…I had such a great time with him. I got to hang out with his sister and my high school sweethearts little sister, I had my 3 best friends, one that flew in from philly, one that flew in from Georgia and my NY bestie that still lives in my hometown. Yes, this was a flash back moment at its finest!


I ran into so many people I grew up with, it was truly a magical night sitting under the stars in the same place the Woodstock concert took place 40 something years ago…with all of my childhood friends singing all of the songs from our youth,really just amazing!


So today my friends, remember your childhood friends, reconnect, relive your past if only for a moment…be present in each and every new memory you are making…because there is nothing like going home.



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