Dont ask for it to easier, ask for the strength to deal with it.

Treadmill Treats Monday morning message


Don’t ask for things to be easier, ask for the strength to deal with it.


I know from personal experience that life can be brutal sometimes, that you can hit rock bottom and it feels like the sun will never come out.

In my darkest hours, when I was lost, alone and broken, I prayed and cried out for help. I had nothing else to hold on to, I needed help, I didn’t think I could survive one more day, I needed my situation to change. I cried out, why can’t my life be easier?


What I’ve realized since then is that I can’t ask for it to be easier, I need to ask for strength because there will always be something in life that I will be going through. These things are here for a reason, to teach me a lesson, as much as I don’t want to be going through it, as painful as it may be, I need this lesson and for me I am so hard headed so I need them a few times!


So why was I praying for it to easier? Because we all want our lives to be easier, wouldn’t that be nce? Yes, of course it would but what would that teach you? I believe everything in life teaches you a lesson.


So what would being easy teach you? To be soft, to not learn a lesson, to not be able to handle a life crisis…


Look, I am not saying I could get through all that life keeps throwing at me without God because I know I cannot. What I ask from him now is strength, his strength to know that no matter what I am going through, with him it will be okay, I will get through it and I will be able to learn my lesson and know that this too shall pass.


I learned I am a surviver, that even when I slip and fall, he is there for me, to believe even when I can’t see it, even in the darkest hours, I have strength, his strength to keep going.


So today my friends, don’t ask for life to be easy, it is in the trails and turbulence in life, that you learn how much strength you truly have, no, today ask for the strength to deal with whatever life had to throw at you.


“Be the change you want to see”


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