God wants you to be wealthy

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God wants you to be wealthy


Yes, God wants you to be wealthy, all through the Bible, it tells us this, somehow we have even twisted this too. We think we must suffer to be a “good” Christian, we cannot have alot to show our true faith. But God wants us to prosper, to have, so that we can help others, be a blessing, to show others what our God can do and has done for us.


But it starts with us having ¬†a dream…

The reason many people don’t go after their dreams in their life is because first of all they don’t know what they want.

They have been hurt, things didnt work out like they thought, so they think that’s it, they are not going to dream anymore.They think their dreams are impossible


Here’s my advice, stop living in reality, your dream has no past!

We play it safe with our dreams, if we can’t see how it is going to work out, if we can’t picture the “big picture” we give up. We let our dreams go because they seem so impossible.


If you can serve in your pit days you can rule in your palace days!


I love this quote, Joseph was sold by his brothers, he was a slave, he was imprisoned yet he still believed there was more, he held on to his dream, his faith and then he ruled…


He held on, he never let go even when it was darkest, even in the hardest times…and his dream came true…the impossible dream.


Throw your heart over the bar and your body will follow… I remember thinking I can’t do a triathlon, even a wuzzy one..but they I changed my thoughts and started saying I can do this.. and so ¬†towards the end of the race, running with a stung ass by a huge jelly fish, a broken toe, wrapped up and a torrential downpour when my body was dying, and screaming stop… my mind keep saying you will not quit, you got this, you can do it… and I did!


When you don’t think you can go on, subit to another voice, God’s voice..listen to him…

Get over your past, let go of fear and stress.

Let go of your past.


You have no plan?….You have to learn to dream…


But to invest in your dream, it comes down to your attitude.

Let go of what’s in your hand to experience what’s in your heart.


Wealth belongs to these who are willing to learn, to change, to dream, to solve problems, that is their right to have it, it is the blessing of the Lord.

God said “It is your coventry right, It is all possible with faith in me”


So today my friends remember you need a dream from your heart to be a harvest in your hand

God had a plan for you..believe in the impossible.


“Be the change you want to see”


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