Finding peace in everyday living

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Finding peace in everyday living


We all want peace in our lives but the question so many of us have is, how can I know God’s voice? That I can rest in the peace of God.


We think… “Am I doing the right thing?”

People want to do the right things in life and please God with their actions, to be at peace.


Yet there are so many people who have no peace, they are not enjoying their jobs, their life, their relationships, even their praise and worship, they have no peace anywhere in their lives.


To find peace you need to do these things:


1st and foremost you need to listen to your intuition:


God gave it to you for a reason, it is a barometer for right and wrong and it will never let you down.


2- You need to consult God on all aspects of your life:


You need to know if you are in the right relationships that you build, are you spirit lead when picking them? Friendships, romance, business relationships, it doesn’t matter, if there is no peace in it, then you know it’s not spirit filled!


When I dated Mr Con Artist, I felt it wasn’t right, my intuition was screaming, I lost my peace. I felt further and further away from God even though I was praying on it.

Finding the peace of God makes you make wise decision and it makes you know when to walk away…


Your making permanent decisions on a temporary situation

Some of the decisions you have made have cost you dearly…think back…


3-Search for God’s voice through scripture:


How many times have you prayed and you open your bible and bam! There is a scripture you need to hear. A person will tell you a scripture just when you needed it.


4- Listen for his poetic voices:


You hear a song, someone comes up to you and says something, a book falls out, that’s just what you need to read. That is God’s voice all around you.


When the spirit moves, thoese who are in tune must move! You have to listen to the signs, they are there for a reason.


5- Godly counsel:

You need to ask for counsel about all things in your life.

Your finances, your relationships, your self peace. You need a wise person to consult your when you don’t know all ┬áthe answers, don’t be to smart to ask for help.


How can you hear God’s voice? You can rest in the timing of God, everything happens in seasons and seasons change…

This too shall pass. ..

If you have God’s peace, you worry about nothing.


Heres the big question, if today was your last day…would you hear

“Well done my child…”

that is the answer to having peace in your life, if you can’t say yes then you will have God’s peace in your life.


Be the change you want to see”


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