Having patience

Thursday Treadmill Treats


Having patience


The one thing I don’t have is patience , I try but I am a true New Yorker, fast, let’s go, today pal, move it buddy!


I am the worst when it comes to stupid drivers..horn blowing, yelling “come on make up your mind!”


I want it, when I want it… now! Yes, I know it’s terrible but I am working on it. So when I ask for things, I want them to happen right away.


I will never forget I went to a psychic reading years ago and the girl said I was going to leave my ex husband in four years!

I jumped up and yelled “4 years are you nuts?” I was ready to go then! Four years sounded like a lifetime more of pain.

No, that was not going to happen and yet even though I thought it was going to be sooner, it did drag out to almost 4 years till the final divorce.


Yes, it wasn’t on my time…but I learned a great lesson, It was to be patient, to trust God, to let go of that control I felt, that I had to have to have it done now!


I was speaking with my best friend yesterday and he was taking about manifestation and look how I manifested all that is happening in my life now, right down to what my house would look like.


I stopped and thought he was right… everything I dreamed about, manifested, put on my vision board came to pass…just not in my time…


When I question, when is my book going to be a New York Times bestseller? When will I get to touch thousands, millions of people’s lives with my words?

I have to realize it’s coming, I must be patient, I must hold on to faith, to believe anything is possible…just not on my time…


So today my friends, know that today is not your tomorrow, hold on, have faith, have patience even if it is killing you…it is coming everything you believed in, wished for, dreamed of…it’s coming!


“Be the change you want to see”


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