Never give up…

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


Never give up


I’ve work for myself and if you work for yourself you will understand it is wonderful. You set your own hours, you do what you love to do and it can be quite rewarding but it can also be agonizing.


You have to hustle, you are either so busy you can’t see straight or your scrambling for clients, it’s feast or famine when you are starting out.


What I do isn’t like when I was a hairdresser, where people have to get their haircut every 4 week, you don’t get your house organized every month unless your rich. So I rely on referrals and me, putting it out there.


So when I am busy, I will work 10 -12 hours a day, seven days a week if I have to but when I am slow I have to say I am human and I get worried… yes I tell you to have faith, to believe and I do but that human side comes out every once in a while and I think oh God what am I going to do?


This is where I practice what I preach comes into play… I stop, there are even times I will have a pity party for myself, but then I will wake up the next morning and say I know this will be okay, I breathe and I let it go.


See me worrying about isn’t going to change anything, it will make me lose sleep, it will make my hair fall out, it will make me worried and anxious but none of these things will change the situation, none! Nothing, nada!


The situation is still there so why bother? But as I said, I am human so it creeps in sometimes but it’s up to me to say “nope not happening, I will be fine, God will provide, he does his part and I will do mine”


And so on these days that I am slow I work my part, I email, I send out flyers, I call people, I think of new and exciting ways to promote myself and then I pray and let him worry.


Here’s the thing, I never give up, I may fall on my face, I may get hit, over and over, it may look really bad sometimes but I never give up, I know it will be okay.

I know he has big plans for me, I know it will all turn out for my good and I am okay.


I am really okay…see I know how bad it can get, I’ve been in the bottom of the barrel, the bottom of the bottle, I know how bad it can really be ¬†and this is not even close but even then I held on and didn’t give up, this is a piece of cake.


So today my friends, I am here to tell you even when you get knocked down, even when it looks bad, even when you don’t think you can do it, hold on, just a little bit longer…never give up, in just a day your whole can change…in just a day….


Be the change you want to see”


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