The cone of death has past us by…

Treadmill Treats Monday Message


The cone of death has past us by.


Living in sunny Florida is great, the sunshine, the beaches, so many things to do and see. My favorite… no cold or snow, that is why I moved here 26 years ¬†ago. But we do have the dreaded hurricanes to deal with…well it can’t be all perfect can it?


Every hurricane season the reporters come out with the cone of death and over and over, tell us how we are going to get slammed.


I would like to have a job that I am wrong 98% of the time and still get paid the big bucks. How do they do it?


So everyone runs out like chickens without their heads and buys supplies, food, new generators and then we all sit in front of our Tv’s like zombies for the next week waiting and waiting and waiting….

As the cone of death wobbles to the right, then wobbles to the left and we all hold our breathe.


We have to put up shutters, take everything we own outside and bring it in our houses, make sure we have all the supplies and…yup you guessed it wait!


I love to cook and so I cook a bunch of meals, snacks and crap we generally don’t eat (ie: cookies, cakes and junk food) then get a bunch a of movies together, blankets and pillows and hunker down on the couch with my girls.


So I did that this weekend and we waited and waited while watching it sprinkle…

Then nothing… I didn’t even book clients today thinking it would be a hurricane!

Now don’t get me wrong I didn’t want a hurricane but a long weekend knowing I couldn’t do anything but lay on the couch and eating all I wanted would have been nice after all this preparing, at least some rain and wind…


But thank God, yet again we beat the cone of death…we will put the food away, pay off our credit card bills for the water and generators,drag all of our stuff back outside and put the shutters back in the garage.


And we will wait till the next time so we can do it all over again.


Gotta love living in sunny South Florida.


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