Live your life like your living

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Live your life like your living


You don’t have to live your life like your dying, oh poor me, that can’t happen to me, I have been cursed all my life.


Maybe your not taking the steps, maybe because your procrastinating, maybe it’s your actions or what you speak into the atmosphere that is effecting you.


If you tell a child every day from the time they were born that they are stupid that child will grow up believing that they are stupid. Same thing is happening in your mind, you might have been brought up with someone saying that and you believe it, you think your doomed.


You think you will never amount to anything because someone once said that and now that has become your mantra. You blame everything on your childhood, you are constantly putting it out there…. if it wasn’t because my parents were drunks, my dad abandoned us, we were poor, you were molested, ……insert your sob story here.


You are your own worst enemy, you are blocking your own blessings, you have told yourself this so many times you actually believe it and guess what you are fulfilling your own prosperity.


But here’s the thing, your mind is an incredible tool, it can make you do things you never thought you could. It has let people survive unimaginable acts, the worst of times, things that might have otherwise killed them, but their minds made them believe they could survive and they did.


You can change, you have the control over your own mind, you can believe your a loser or you can tell yourself each and every day your a winner, you are someone, you will show them.

It is up to you, what you are putting out there and what you believe.


So today my friends, remember it’s your life, live it like your on the way out or choice to live it like your living it to the fullest.


Be the change you want to see”


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