I was hurt but I am healed by my God.

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I was hurt but I have been healed by my God


Last week I wrote about my heart breaking because one of my best friends did me wrong. I always write that I am human, I wear my emotions on my sleeve, sometimes my tongue overrides my brain and I say things before I have time to process it.


But I always own my wrong doing, I am a Christian but I am a work in progress, I am far from perfect, I keep learning lessons every day.

I was hurt, I was angry and so I write, that’s what I do, it’s who I am.


But after having some time to cry, to digest all of this, I realized somethings.

I am always telling you about the signs all around us, that we should watch for them, that it is God or whatever you might call your higher being, talking to you.


My church friends invited me to the movies, I didn’t want to go, I had just barely gotten through my day without bursting out in tears every few hours, my head hurt, my body hurt and my heart was beyond hurt, all I wanted to do is jump into my bed and have a pity party for one.

But they insisted and it was the movie The War Room, about the power of prayer, maybe I needed this and so I went.


Well, first of all you have to laugh when you go anywhere with them, they will make you laugh, they are loud, fun and crazy for the word and I love spending time with them, so right away I was in a better place with them.


Well as soon as the movie started there was my message, the older women was telling the younger women that she had to forgive her husband, the younger women says

“I can’t, why should I forgive him, he has done such horrible things to me, I can never forgive him”

The older women says “Does God forgive you for your mistakes? Does he give you grace when you have done wrong even when you don’t deserve it?”

Okay, here I go into the ugly cry, yes, this was my message, no matter what I had to forgive my friend for hurting me, just like I am always forgiven.


I need to let it go for me as much as her and I needed to pray for her so that she may change as well.


Don’t get this twisted, you will never get a chance to stab me in my back again, but I will forgive you….

for me, so that I can move on without hatred in my heart, but I am not an idiot and will never allow you to do me wrong again, no I will forgive you, I will pray for you and I will move on.


So today, my “friends” I am here to tell you that you too can forgive, you can show grace to another, you can make mistakes and you can own them and move on. Don’t hold on to hurt, to pain, to hatred, this is about letting yourself go, not them, your forgiveness will set YOU free. Be healed by your own grace and mercy.


Be the change you want to see”


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