I still believe even after all the heartbreak

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I still believe even after all the heartbreak


These last two years have taught me alot of lessons, especially in friendship, lessons I didn’t want to learn but I guess I needed to before I move into the next phase of my life.


It has been a hard 2 years,

I had to pull away from a dear friend because all I heard from her was negativity, she was a happy, positive person once but life threw her some crap and she went down with the ship. I can’t be around people who will bring me down all the time and so I backed off.

Another friend made me feel so inferior to her and all “her knowledge” she would constantly put people down, she make sure everyone around knew what she knew and how smart she was.


My idea in life to never to look down on anyone unless your giving them a hand up, I lift people up, not kick them down…again I am going a different path so I backed off.

Don’t get me wrong I love these friends, they have some wonderful qualities but I am trying to stay in this space of peace and joy and being around them all the time effects that feeling.


I then had another “best” friend tell me I wasn’t on the same spiritual level as she was, that I wasn’t “Christian ” enough…

(my Christian belief is to love one another, must have been a different bible we both were reading )

So just like that, she cut me out of her life, I was devastated, she was my rock, we went through so much together, strengthened each other, cried and laughed together and poof “Be gone!” Because I wasn’t Christian enough in her mind?


And just when I thought I was hurt enough, the universe says nah..not yet let’s have your “best” friend stab you in the back, just when your down, when everything is coming at you, when you feel like you are friendless, let’s throw in one more so called friend to hurt you.


So you asked why do you still love God even after all you’ve been through…after all the hurt you’ve had in your life? how do you still have faith?


Why? Because I am rooted in love, I love my God, I forgive because he forgives me, he shows me grace, so I can in return, show grace to others.


I can stand on his word to take care of me, I am so not perfect read my blogs I tell you that all the time, I screw up, I am not the perfect “Christian” whatever that may mean…..I ¬†am human, I fall, I hurt, I cry, I make mistakes I am just trying to be the best person I can be…that’s all.


Everything happenes for a reason and this happened so that I know who my real friends are when I arrive at the next phase, when everyone will be saying I knew her before she was a bestselling author…

Not everyone is here for the entire ride….


So today my “friends” know that not everyone is there for you, know you will be hurt, know that sometimes you have to let go of certain people along the way…just know you can still love, never give up hope, never stop believing in the good.


Be the change you want to see”


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