Even though the storm I still have peace

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Even Through The Storm I Still Have peace


I was talking to someone the other day about losing my best friend and how I feel like God isn’t listening or I can’t hear him, I was going on about my pity party when he cut me off in mid sentence and said

“Your the most blessed person I know, you ask for something and God hands it to you, you had God’s favor over your life since I’ve met you, do not say God is not listening!”


I was taken back, my girlfriend recently told me the same thing about my getting my new home and having it totally remodeled in 30 days, she said it was unheard of and didn’t I know how blessed I was?

Yes, I realized how blessed I am and I realized that I have to forgive and let go in order to continue getting my blessings. I must practice what I preach.


Just because I am christian doesn’t mean all my problems magical go away.

My roof is leaking again, even though my business is slow, even though my ex is taking me to court again, even though I needed all new tires on my car, even though I can’t buy the new air-conditioning unit and have no air because I put a friend’s needs over my own…even through all of the turmoil in my life I stand here with a peace so deep, I have no words to explain it.


I stand here with a word of praise, I stand here knowing I will be okay.

I have survived so many things, I know this will just make me stronger, this will not break me, I may stumble but I will not fall…

I will not worry, I am not stressing, this is olny getting me ready for the great things my God has coming for me.


I can’t stop believing that all the things I am asking for will come to pass, no dream is too big, so I will praise my way through the storms.


So today my friends, my message to you is to forgive, to let it go, to love again even though you’ve been hurt, be grateful for what you have and to praise and pray through the storm…. Remember after all storms, here comes the sun….


Be the change you want to see”


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