My vision board. …

Thursday Treadmill Treats


My vision board….


I just received one of thoese post in Facebook about see your memories, I love these, you forgot how fast time flies by and these posts remind you of different times in your life that you might have otherwise forgotten.


My remember when posts this week were about my trip to Greece last year for my 50th birthday with my very best friend.

As I’ve been looking at these incredible pictures of my trip of a lifetime, I started thinking about all the things on my vision board that have also come to pass.


I thought about the marathon and triathlon I had up there, about my new home, about the trip to Greece, about peace and joy that I put all over these boards, that I now have in abundance.


I think about my book, which at the time was just a dream, now is a reality and doing well.

I think about the feelings that I put on there so long ago, confidence, strength, blessings, all of which I now possess.


This week really reinforced my belief in putting your intentions out there, as if I didn’t know it worked before this…Hello!


I recently got a new client, she is the sweetest women who like the rest of us needed some help in getting her life in order.

If you know me I talk alot, I love people and love to get to know them. So as we were working I happened to find a Tony Robbins CD, I said to her how much I loved him and that my next bucket list thing to do was his 3 day course where you walk on fire. I figured I’ve walked through fire I might as well walk on fire!

She told me she and her son had done it and it was incredible. We talked about it for a while longer as we worked together and then I forgot about it.


This week I get a text from her saying that she wanted to bless me with a trip to see….yup you guessed it Tony Robbins and his 3 day seminar!  I almost fell off my chair, was she kidding?  No, she was so happy with me getting her life together she wanted to do this for me. She wanted to bless me!


Hello! This was on my vision board, I knew one day it would happen but not anytime soon as it is a very, very expensive seminar and I definitely couldn’t afford it anytime soon.


Hello! It wasn’t even in my radar, my roof is leaking, my ex is taking me to court, my air conditioning is dead and my money for it is gone with a so called friend, no there is definitely no money for a wish list dream, no this was a big one day…dream. But even going through all of that, I have still been grateful, I have still been praying through the storm and I knew things will get better.


Yet, here it was… my intention that I put out there 3 years ago, my bucket list thing I spoke of all the time, giving to me??

You put it out there and it comes back to you see how that works…I say, almost sounding surprised myself.


God and the universe can do amazing things if you believe! I always thought I would have to save to be able to get to go, never did I imagine that it would be gifted to me!

Just like I never imagined that I would be owning my own home, that too was a gift from God. Yet all these amazing things and so much more that I put out there, put up there, have come to pass.


So today my friends, get that vision board out, cut out all that you wish for, even for the things you think are impossible, so far fetched you couldn’t possibly imagine them happening, then look at it every day, picture it in your mind, feel as if your there, close your eyes, imagine…be there…feel it… every day believe that this, all of this will happen and one day it will, all of it and more….


“I am a New York Times bestselling author, I have a international blog, I am on Lousie Hayes tour, Oprah had me on Super soul Sunday and Tyler Perry is making and producing my movie about my book”


Just practicing for my next miracle….are you?


Be the change you want to see”


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