Create a doubt free zone

Treadmill Treats Monday Message


Create a doubt free zone.


You have to believe in what you are praying about.

You need to get rid of doubt, get rid of people in your life who are doubting you.


You have to create a doubt free zone in your life, even against yourself. You have to tell yourself this will happen, this is going to come to pass and I have no doubt in my life.


When you ask God for something you must believe and not doubt him…

If he did it before he will do it again.

Doubt is an uncertainty, a lack of conviction,

NO matter what, even if it seems impossible, you believe it can and will happen.


See here’s the thing, think about what are you reading, what are you watching? Who is in your circle?

All these things effect your belief, if your hanging out with non believers, negative people, what do you think they are going to say about your dreams?


“Hey, Get real, how long have you’ve been waiting? It’s never going to happen, that’s impossible, please, ┬áthat can’t happen, have you looked at your life? Nothing good happens to you, your poor,uneducated, fill in the blanks….. things like that don’t happen to people like us”


So you start to doubt…

“Well maybe he’s right…maybe I am dreaming, maybe I should give up”

What are you feeding your soul? Doubt, worry, 1/2 belief, maybes… no! You need to know for sure that it will happen beyond a shadow of a doubt.


But your thinking my life is crazy, everything that can go wrong is going wrong… Are you at a time in your life that the enemy turning up the pressure?


Is everything coming after you at once? Is your world going crazy? This is when your faith will be tested.

Even through the fire…will you believe? No matter how impossible it may look. Keep saying I believe..even in broken pieces… I believe, even through the fire, I believe!


These small problems are nothing to God, do you not believe in the miracles he can work? Have you not seen the impossible he made possible? Yet you still doubt?


In the bible it says “All things are possible

For thoese who believe, it will happen…it will be done for him…

For he is a man of his word he cannot lie”


Even when it seems impossible, yet you know in your soul, it will happen.

There are things you will tell people and they will laugh at you, you need to put some people out of your life.


I had alot of people laugh at me when I say I am going to be a New York Times bestselling author, that I will have an international blog, that I will be on Oprah super soul Sunday, that Tyler Perry will produce my movie, they think I have lost my mind, “Ha like that will ever happen” they say. “How long have you’ve been waiting for it?”


But I dont listen, over and over I put it out there, over and over I speak it into the atmosphere, it’s on my vision board, it’s in my blogs, I believe it will happen like I know I am breathing, I have no doubt, I know it, feel it, breathe it, imagine it as if it has already happened! This is my doubt free zone.


I believe in my God for these things, yes, they are big but why dream small? My God can make anything happen…this is a piece of cake for him…it’s all on me…do I have faith? Do I have doubt? He is waiting on your faith to be activated to give you the blessing.


So today my friends, get rid of the people in your life who are doubting, the nah sayers, the haters, not everyone is supposed to come along for the ride.

(A big lesson I learned this year with a bunch of “friends”)


Cut them off, delete them, put them out…this is your doubt free zone… never doubt the miracles he can and will do for you…if you believe….

** Come into The doubt free zone**


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