Not to proud to ask for help

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Not to proud to ask for help


I never thought I would ever do this, I never thought I would be asking for help, yet I find myself in a situation that I have no other recourse but too do it.


This is a very embarrassing situation for me but as with all things that I share with you in honesty, I have a need to share this with you as well .


I have become a victim of a deceitful act from my closest and dearest friend, “my wifey”

Before any of you speak out against me for revealing this, ask yourself what you would do in my situation?


I recently lent my friend 1500.00 so that she could move into a new apartment with her new boyfriend and son.

There was a problem with her new bank account, she would lose the apartment and her deposit if she didn’t get the money, she said and it was under the agreement that the money was to be returned to me in 3 to 5 business days as soon as her bank fixed the problem.


I had an appointment set for the installation of a new Ac unit of which my friend was very aware of, so she knew I had the money.


Mind you she didn’t asked, she begged and pleaded and assured me that I would have the money returned in the time frame we had agreed upon.


Was it tight for me, yes, but I never imagined that I’d be dealing with a flight risk.

What I mean by that, is that once I showed up with the 2 cashier checks totalling the sum of 1500.00 to the apartment complex, to help her and her new boyfriend cover the expenses of the move in cost and then physically helped them moved in and unpack, I didn’t hear from her again.


The agreed upon interim of time had come and gone, not a phone call, not a word, no returned phone calls or texts. I literally had to hunt them down, only to eventually be met with a horrendous attitude as though I was intruding on her life. Gone were the crocodile tears of desperation replace with the attitude of what the fuck do you want.


As I stood there in the doorway,

I couldn’t belive she was saying this, I put her needs above my imeddiate well being of my family, by living with no air during one of the hottest parts of the year in South Florida.


Now I am standing in the hallway not invited into her home being made to feel like I am the bad guy here and all I want is answers to when I would be receiving my money. At every turn I was either met with avoidance or hostility.


My last appeal for my money between her and her boyfriend resulted in with her calling me a cunt, how’s that for friendship? She found it harassing that I was perusing any information about repayment.


It pains me to think about the nasty and bitter dialog that went on between myself, her and her boyfriend all due to the fact that she renegade on paying me back when she promised.


She knows my situation, that I am a single mom with 2 girls, hardly getting any child support, working 3 jobs just to pay the bills. Of course she knew, we talked every single day, she was my best friend, so how could she do this to me of all people. Who had that kind of money to gift to someone?


My girls and me are now without air conditioning,

I saved that money knowing my ac unit was on its last leg but being a good friend I am, I didn’t think I was making a bad decision by blessing someone else while going through my own hardships.


By no means was this a gift, it was a loan to my very best friend in her time of need and I believed her.


I have no one to run to, to beg, plead or borrow 1500.00 from.

So I humbly ask you  for whatever contributions that you can make so that I can restore a much needed air conditioning unit to my home as living conditions have become unbearable.


And so my cousin suggested I open up a go fund me account, which I have, so that I could possibly get help in getting this air conditioning unit.


Respectfully and eternally grateful….Fran Villardi


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