forget it

Treadmill Treats Monday Message


Forget it..


Sometimes it is the hardest thing we can do to forget, yes we may even be able to forgive but we hold on to things and we can’t forgot them. I’m here to tell you, whatever is holding you back,forget it.


Your on this journey of fulfilling your purpose he gave you, you have a purpose over your life but the enemy is trying to throw things at you, he trying to keep you in the past, with all of your hurts and failures, keeping you stuck.


What we dont realize is that every pain serves a purpose, every stumble teaches you a lesson. Why are we so embarrassed about our failures? How else are we supposed to learn?


Yet we do that all the time, we constantly beat ourselves up for the mistakes we’ve made. ¬† Don’t keep going back into yesterday and pulling up the things that happened to you, forget it, let it go.


Push past your pain, declare that your not going to give up, say that your a survivor, that your anointed, tell yourself whatever you need to but make sure you tell yourself, you will never quit!


Say, I am going to make sure I declare my calling, my purpose and I will follow my path, no matter what is thrown at me, no matter how many times I slip and fall, no matter how many doors get slammed in my face, I will keep going…


You’ve been hurt so you stop.

You’ve been lied to, so you stop.


Your stuck, you won’t let people close to you because your reaching back into your past and seeing past hurts.

You can’t trust, so you close yourself off, thinking everyone is untrustworthy.


Your never going to grow ¬†until you fight for yourself. Yes, people hurt you, they lied to you, betrayed you, they broke your heart but some people aren’t meant to be with you throughout your journey. You have to learn to trust God on your own. You have to know you can do this, all by yourself if you have no one to run to, know you have God.


So today my friends, press, push and keep going!

Don’t stop, don’t look back,there is a reason the front windshield is bigger than then back windshield, you need to let go of what you’ve already passed and focus on what’s in front of you..your future, your purpose, your destiny….


Be the change you want to see”


” And just when the moth thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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