I didn’t know my own strength

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I didn’t know my own strength


I love Whitney Houston song “I didn’t know my own strength”

I can’t tell you how many times over and over that I listened to this song…it was my mantra for the longest time.


There were so many times that this song applied to my life…for those of you who don’t know this amazing song, it goes like this…


“Lost touch with my soul, I had no where to turn, I had no where to go, lost sight of my dream, thought it would be the end of me.


I thought I never make it ¬†through, I had no hope to hold on to….

I thought I would break…I didn’t know my own strength…

And I crashed down and I tumbled but I did not crumble, I got through all the pain….I didn’t know my own strength…

Survived my darkest hour, my faith keep me alive, I picked myself back up, hold keep my head held high, I was not built to break… I didn’t know my own strength


Found hope in my heart,

I found the light to light my way out of the dark, found all that I need here inside of me


I thought I’d never find my way, I thought I never lift that weight, I thought I would break… I didn’t know my own strength”


There have been many times in your life like mine, that your hurt, that the people you thought you could trust, betrayed you, broke your heart. You hate your life, your circumstances, your battling a demon.


Your in a dark place, you don’t think you can go on one more day, you can’t see the sun from the dark place your living in now.


Your on the floor crying out to a God you might not even believe in because you don’t know what else to do…who eles to turn to…you feel so alone and lost.


I’ve been there…I know your pain because it was mine pain. You didn’t think you had the strength to go on…yet something inside of you pushes you to go on, that tiny little voice says don’t quit, some how you hold on even if it’s to a faith as small as a mustard seed, you hold on…


And amazingly you get through it, one day at a time, sometimes one minute at a time until one day the sun starts to come out, you smile again, your hurt doesn’t overwhelme your life, you can survive, you will survive….and you realize you didn’t know your own strength.


You realize you were stronger than you thought you were, that others thought you were. Yes, you stumbled but you didn’t crumble, you were down but not out…


You stand up victorious, your back alittle straighter, head held higher…you got this, you did it, you can get passed anything life has to throw at you…


I remember my mantra for years…I survived my mom’s cancer, my dad death, my rape, an abortion and a suicide attempt all before my 16 birthday.


If I could survive all of that, I could survive anything until life threw me some more… lots,lots more but guess what?

I survived that too!


Remember that old song “Hit me with your best shot”

Go on, do it, I will keep getting up and do it with a smile on my face and praise on my lips, I will be praying though the storm.

See that’s me and it can be you too if you choose to believe in yourself.


So today my friends, believe and know you have strength that you never thought you had in you, you got this…this doesn’t have you.


Be the change you want to see”


” And just when the moth thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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