Another year has gone by. . .

Treadmill Treats Monday Message


Another year had gone by…


As I sit here thinking about another birthday that has came and went, I cant help but to reflect on the last year of my life…

That this stage of our lives every year is a gift and each year teaches us so many lessons and this year was no different.


There were so many changes…. again… some good…some definitely not so good.


I was a person who hated change, I was afraid of change but all that has went out the window as the last three years taught me, you don’t know anything except that change comes, ready or not.


This year I’ve come to realize that not everyone you thought would be there for you, will…

not even your “all of your best friends”

Not even with a phone call on your birthday!


I learned to except the things I cannot change, like the above…


I’ve learned that no matter how much you might want to hold on to relationships, it’s time to let go and move on, not everyone is there for the whole ride.


I’ve learned that if you have faith anything can happen.. like getting my new home and remodeling it within a month, finishing my book and learning I have to depend on myself and my God.


I’ve learned that my girls are my biggest supporters and that maybe I am doing something right because they are such beautiful souls.


I’ve learned that just when   you thought this was your season and your life was looking good, life will throw you some stuff that will knock you to your knees, that when you thought the pain and betrayal of lots of “friends” had you out for the count, that I could pray my way through the storm and find a peace like I have never known.


I learned to praise him for the blessings I do have, appreciate them and know that it could have been another way.


I’ve learned that these are all lessons that you need to learn,  I’ve learned to listen for the signs, follow my intuition and know that

“all things works for my good and have been called according to his purpose”


I learned to have a faith like I have never known, to stand in the middle of a turbulent storm as things are going crazy all around me and know that I am okay, he’s got me and that I will get through it and become stronger because of it.


This year has taught me to know my own strength and his…


So, today my friends,  I tell you that I will go into next year smarter, wiser, with more faith, more love and with an open heart.


No matter how many times I may have been hurt, how many times I have lied to, let down and no matter how many things life will throw at me, I will still believe anything is possible if you just believe….


” And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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