October is National Domestic Violence month

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October is National Domestic Violence Month


We all know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month but not many people know that it is also National Domestic Violence month as well.


Both subjects are near and dear to my heart as both my mom and my aunt had breast cancer and I am a surviver of Domestic violence. We need to shine the light into the darkness that is so many women’s lives, women that deal with domestic violence day after day.


This month I will try to inform you with facts, statics and stories that will shock you, make you cry and hopefully open your eyes and heart up to try to help others that are in this horrible situation.


Now you might be jaded, you might say why don’t these women just leave? Come on, grow some and leave the bastard! If it was only that easy…


Some of you think this olny happens to poor, uneducated women, again your wrong, it happens to all of us, no matter what your economic background or education.


We can be your neighbor, the one with the big house and the “perfect” family, we can be your doctor, your office worker, your friend, your sister…we are everywhere, we are just experts at hiding and fronting for you, so that you have no idea what’s going on behind that closed door.


Also most people don’t think verbal abusive is domestic violence but again you are wrong, it is definitely domestic violence just without the outward scars, the scars we have are on our hearts, in our minds, they effect our thoughts, our children, our pain just doesn’t come with a black and blue you can see.


If you call someone names, tell them they are stupid, put them down, ridicule or belittle someone that is abusive, just as if you struck someone, you are a abusiver plain and simple there is no sugar coating…


“Oh it’s just words, words can’t hurt, get over it”

It doesn’t work that way, we don’t just get over it, the words may stop but the scars are there permanently.


My girls have been changed, he changed who they are with his words, they will never be the same, they will carry this into their adult lives and maybe into their future  relationships.


Even after the scare heals, it is still there to see.

There is a memory of it permanently there for you to see, it may fade over time, it may not be so noticeably but it will never completely go away.


So today my friends,

I hope this month’s national domestic violence campaign will open your eyes to things you may have not notice before and reach out and help someone even if it’s a kind word, they may have not heard one in a long time.


Tell them your there for them, as they feel so isolated and alone, tell them how smart you think they are and that you believe in them. They don’t believe in themselves anymore and haven’t in a long time.


Build them up as every day they get torn down…

Volunteer at a women’s shelter, donate, some women have no access to funds, to the bank accounts, they have nothing and if they have the courage to leave it’s with nothing but her life…if she is lucky.


Be the change you want to see, change the world one kind act at a time…



” And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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