Canceling out the blessings

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Cancelation out the blessings


Recently I wrote about ¬†joyous people always feeling grateful and I am living proof of that. If there is one thing I’ve learned in the last few years, it is that I am grateful for everything in my life.


When I was in the lowest place in my life I was still grateful, I learned you had to be grateful for the smallest things even if the rest of your life was falling apart. It was a lifeline to me, to try to just be grateful for something each day.


I started with God waking me up each and every morning, if that was all I could be grateful for, it was a start. Then I added that I was grateful for a home even if in was living with my ex at the time, I wasn’t living in my car.


I was grateful for my girls, even though they closed me out and my heart was breaking. I was grateful for my food, a job, for our health. Yes, basic things, things we take for granted but I was lucky enough to have at least these things when so many others couldn’t say the same.


Was I still at the bottom? Yes. Was I still in that dark hole? Yes. Did I have the kind of life in wanted? Oh hell no! But I was grateful it wasn’t worst and it could have been.


I held on to a hope that it would get better, that tiny, tiny mustard seed hope, even when it looked like it was too far of a stretch to believe in this great life I wanted, when I was living and looking at it from rock bottom.


But here’s the thing your are canceling out your blessings when you say I am grateful for food, but I don’t have enough.

I am grateful for the kindest of others but I am a sorry sap and it’s never going to change.


I am grateful for these times but I know that it’s going to worst… you are canceling out your blessings by doing that, your not really grateful, your giving lip service to God and he knows just like everyone else. Either your grateful or your not period!


Don’t put a “but” on the end of your gratefulness, I am grateful period. I may have been hurt by so called friends yet I am grateful for the friends I do have left.


I may have hit rock bottom yet I knew I had to go up and am grateful for the lessons it taught me.


I may have lost my way yet I am grateful for having a forgiving God filled with grace and mercy.


Yes, I will never cancel out my blessings because I am grateful for all things in my life. I am even grateful for all the pain because there were lessons I needed to hear and learn in that pain in order to grow and help others along the way.


So today my friends, don’t cancel out your blessings by being half grateful, giving thanks with one hand yet saying it’s not enough in the other.


Be grateful for it all…and then and only then, all of God’s blessings will rain down on you.


“Be the change you want to see”


” And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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