You just never know. . .

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


You just never know…


I was listening to the radio yesterday and there was a guy on who was a international blogger and you tube star. When they asked him how he got where he was, he said one day he was a nobody with a few hundred people following him and when he woke up the next morning he had 2 million hits! Just like that!


People laugh at me when I say that I have this sick faith, I know that my book will be a New York Times  bestselling author, I will be an international blogger and a speaker. They have no faith in things they cant see, they cant imagine that it can change in a second, like this guy.


Maybe he didn’t know it would happen to him…see I put it out there, I visualize it, I see it as if it already happened.


Here’s the thing, you need to know where your going, you need to believe it, see it, feel it, breathe it.


People let go of their dreams because it takes to long, it’s not happening, they think, I am too old, it could never happen to me.


It’s never too late…

I read something recently that Colonial Saunders was in his 70’s when he made Kentucky fried chicken.


Vera Wang, Samuel Jackson, Harrison Ford were in their forties. Henry Ford, even the founder of McDonald’s was in their late fifty’s before they became famous.


They never stopped believing, they knew they would make it and they held on to that, they lived their life knowing one day…

It will happen to me…


If you don’t have a dream your just living life on auto pilot…and if you do dream, it’s these small dreams..please…


If your going to dream, dream big!! Why waste your dreams on tiny stuff.

Go big or go home!


So today my friends, remember your life can change in a instant. Your dreams, that you think are impossible can turn into your realities.

Nothing is impossible if you believe!


“Be the change you want to see”


” And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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