The journey requires preparation

Treadmill Treats Monday Message


The journey requires preparation


Bishop Fernandez spoke of a bible verse yesterday about the 10 virgins and  how 5 were ready for the bridegroom to come but 5 weren’t ready, they didn’t have enough oil, they weren’t prepared and they had to go back to find more oil, when they came back Jesus wouldn’t open the door to them, they had missed their God moment.


If you don’t have enough faith in you, if your not prepared, you won’t be able to make the journey.


You never know if this could be the day…are you ready?

Sometimes you think it might not be there…. Why should I be ready, I have time….but you must be ready when it does come.


We need to be ready, we need to know when to leave the door that God has shut for us, closed.

We need to know that we can do this, we need to have faith in our purpose even when we can’t see the big picture.


I know God gave me this gift of writing and touching people’s hearts. I am ready, I am focus,

I have not looked back in the past, I have left the doors closed that he has closed, I can see my big dream, I envisioned it over and over, I put it out there,

I speak it as it already is…how am, little old me going to get to NY Times bestselling author?

A international blogger?

A self published book author?


Come on be real, so many of you say, that will never happen…it’s not to me to worry about that…it’s on me to be ready, to be prepared when the day comes and to have faith knowing that it is coming.


When we are heading in the right direction, we will eventually get to our goal, we will get to the finish line. See to everything there is a season and there is a time for every matter or purpose that is in your life.


The most unfortunately accomplishment is to know your purpose but to arrive at the pivotal point in your life late and at a unnecessary cost.


Especially when it is because your not prepared, not ready or don’t believe in your gifts, you will miss your God given moment.


Where are you putting your resources?  What are you doing instead of being prepared? Are you lazy?

Do you not have faith? Are you just looking for blessings and not wanting to put the work in? Yet you keep blaming everyone else for your lack of preparation, it’s a family curse, it’s my skin color, because I am a women, because my parents weren’t there…because, because, because…insert your sob story here…we all got one.


No, own your life, own your actions, it is on you if your not prepared, it’s on you if you miss your God moment.


So today my friends, I am here to tell you, be ready, dream big, believe in the impossible, speak it into the atmosphere as if it already is, don’t miss you God moment because God is a miracle worker, you just got to be there and be ready when he works the miracle.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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