There is nothing my God can’t do. . .

Treadmill Treats Monday Message


There is nothing my God can’t do…


If you follow my blog you know I have crazy faith, you know I believe nothing is impossible if you believe.


This year has been a crazy year for me, I’ve had some incredible blessings and went through some wicked storms, yet through it all I still gave praise, I still held on to my hope and faith.


This year started out with a gift from God, my home.

I got a sign from the preacher who said I would get a home for 150,000, unheard of in my neighborhood… I shouldn’t been approved, yet I was… I lost 3 deals that were 30,000 more, yet he made it come to pass that I got this home at the 150,000 price, I did a total remodel in 30 days and under 30,000 also unheard of.


As soon as I closed on my home, I quit a job I hated, a job that everyday I cried as I was driving to, I walked out on faith to do my own business full time, knowing full well I just took on this mortgage but again I have crazy faith and again God took care of my every need.


Just as I thought things were going back on track all hell broke loose.

I had all kinds of friends walk away from me, taking my heart with them, I had others call me out to try to make me look bad, making others pick sides. I prayed asking for the lessons I obviously needed to learn.


I found a lost love olny to realize that history repeats it self even 30 years later. I was brokenhearted yet again.

I had financial setbacks too, I was informed that all of my free airline trips got retroactive and I owed 300.00 to my best friend for the trips.


It was far from over as my roof started leaking, my ex was taking me back to court, I needed attorney fee’s, my business got so slow and I was scrambling to meet ends.


My daughter’s seemed to go off the deep end and to top it off I needed a new air conditioning unit.


A friend in need asked to borrow some money so I gave her my air conditioning money for a specific amount of time, never to see her or my money again.


This was a gut punch that knocked me to my knees, I should have been cursing God, I should have lost faith, didn’t I go through enough in my life? I could have thrown a long, well deserved pity party but instead my bowed my head and I prayed, I prayed for the lessons I needed to learn, I prayed for the people who did me wrong, I prayed and praised God for all the other blessings I had and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would right the wrongs, he would provide for me.


I knew there were big things coming to pass and I needed to stand firm in my beliefs and…. let me tell you there is nothing that I love more, then telling you how good my God is!


The day after I had to give my attorney 250.00,  I went to the mail box to find a check for…yup… you guessed it 250.00 for some class action suit… yeah right. It was from God…


A week later I got another check for 175.00, I had no idea for what, then a dear friend sent me some money for my air and I got 5 new clients in one week who says prayer doesn’t work?


I know when God gave me this home, he situated me next to a man of God, Frank, my guardian angel who right from the beginning has been here for me, being my friend and helping me realize that there are some really great people in this world even when I almost gave up hope.


This weekend he blessed me with the 1500.00 for my air conditioning that I had lent and never got back from my “best friend, My wifey”


He told me not to be prideful, when I said I couldn’t accept it..same lesson my Bishop spoke of last week, same lesson my friend Carmen gave me when she blessed me with the ticket to the brunch that I couldn’t afford to go to…. same lessons….don’t block the blessings….


He said “You are a good person with a pure heart and God sees all you do for others…now let me do for you”


I did the ugly cry…I am so grateful and so filled with joy that someone would do this for me…I am speechless…


There was never a doubt that God wouldn’t come through for me…. I am a living testimony of what can happen when you have faith and believe!


So today my friends, I stand here with my hands raised, thanking God for always being here and I stand here telling you that no matter how many times you get knocked down, no matter how many betrayals you went through, how bad it seems, when you don’t think you can go through the storm…. I am here to tell you….you can….Stand in your faith, believe nothing is impossible, know that the blessings come after the storm…the sun will come out tomorrow….


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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