Forget the dishes. …

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


Forget the dishes…


I was speaking to someone recently and they asked if worked all the time, did I ever have fun? I do have three jobs, plus my girls and this blog that I write every day and the six sites I post it on. I am constantly promoting the book and the blog and always looking for where I can make my next dollar…what can I say, I am a hustler.


But as I told him, I play as hard as I work, when the weekend comes, work is gone and I am all about the play. I am out with friends, busy with Church activities, at the beach, bike riding, bbq’s, hanging with my girls chilling, it’s all about the play.


I remember years ago when my girls were young and I was a nut about the house being clean and everything just right.

I was so regimented, it had to be just so, cant do this, it’s not the day for that…it was really bad.


One day I was watching Oprah and she asked this mother who was just like me, if she thought her kids were going to remember the house being clean or if they went to the beach on a Tuesday? If their barbies were straight in a line or if they ran around the house having pillow fights?


That was my Oprah light bulb moment…No, I wanted my girls to remember how much fun we had, how on a spur of the moment if they wanted to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the beach for dinner and there was dirty dishes in the sink, we were going, the hell with the dishes.


That day changed my life forever, I wanted my girls to remember all the fun we had not how regimented their mom was.

I was determined to give my girls, these spur of the moment memories. To show them, they were more important to me than how clean my house was.


Friends tell me all the time that I am always here, doing this or that…Hello life is too short…way to short, I am sure as hell not going to be laying on my death bed one day, saying I should have, could have… but my clean house, my regimented life came first.


No one says I wish I made more money as their dying, no they say how they wished they spent more time with their loved ones, they wished they had more fun, seen more places, made more memories. They realized too late what was important.


No, I am living this life large, I am going to drop everything to spend time with a friend, an unexpected visit, a pair of concert tickets last minute, I am there…just call, the wash and the dishes will be there when I get back, hell there be there when I’m dead…it’s all good.


So today my friends, remember life is too short, live as hard as you work. Leave memories for your kids that they can treasure for a lifetime, enjoy your family, your friends, your life…the dishes will always be there…


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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