How music impacts our lives part 2

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How music impacts our lives part 2


The other day I wrote about how listening to one song can get you through a day, but music is a incredible gift that can stir up so many emotions in us.


Yesterday as I was doing things around the house my phone went off, it was a ringtone I have for my high school sweetheart, Whitney Houston I will always love you.

Okay, it’s pretty sappy I know but that song exemplifies our relationship or lack thereof.

We can’t be together yet I will always love him…I want the best for him, I want to see him happy but no matter what he will always have my heart.


My heart started pounding, I got butterflies, it brought back a thousand memories in that second. Yes, that’s what music can do to you, it’s amazing.


Last week I was part of a focus group, we had to listen to 700 songs and rate them how much we liked them, if we were tired of hearing then and so on.


For me it was like you were dying and your life is flashing before your eyes, every song brought back a different memory.

Hearing Cats in the cradle reminded me of my dad and driving in his new Lincoln with the new car leather smell.

Weekend in New England reminded me of my first kiss with my high school sweetheart, Donna Summer’s Last Dance brought back memories of a stereo I so desperately wanted and gotten one Christmas when I was 16.


There was Saturday night fever and memories of me and my cousin Carol, dancing at her apartment complex Jefferson Gardens.

Madonna and the days of my favorite dance club The Down Under hanging with my friend the Dj, Phil.


Luther brought back the day I was married and happier times. Then songs from the late nineties that bought me back to the dark tines of my life when I was misrable and wanted to end it all.

And my all time favorite song,  I Will Survive by Gloria Ganner, how many times did we all listen to that one, after every break up, over and over until we knew we would be okay.


Yes, those 2 hours sitting there took me on a rooller-coaster ride of emotions and feelings like no other thing could ever do,  because music is a part of our lives, it is the backdrop of our lives and I know I could never imagine my life without it.


So today my friends, remember how much music can change your life, pick a theme song…perhaps Happy or Smile by Kirt Franklin, maybe Mary J. Blige, Just fine or I will survive. Play it over and over, live it, breathe it, let it become you. It can get you out of the darkness,  give you hope when you have none, give you faith when you lost yours, it can change your life if you let it…and you know what I always say about change…

“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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