Back at the gym

Hump day Treadmill Treats


Back at the gym


If you read my blog you know that I write this blog on the treadmill, hence the name treadmill treats.

I am at the gym every day 5 days a week, on the weekends I usually ride my bike or walk at the beach.


Exercising has been a part of my life as long as I could remember. I watched my parents do the Canadian air force exercise program together when I was growing up.


I was one of only two girls in my high school gym, back in the days that girls didn’t go to the gym, me and Clara Snowden were there lifting weighs with the “boys”

Thinking back I see why no one messed with us, she was about almost 6 foot tall, black and sucked her thumb even though she was in high school, I was 90 lbs, 4’9 white little girl, what a pair we were, but we were serious about working out.


In college I took weight lifting as a elective, I was one of the first girls to join the very first gym that opened in my neighborhood. I did all the newest tapes and classes ┬áthat came out, I wasn’t afraid to try anything.

I worked out as long as I could during my both pregnancies, I only gained 17 lbs for each of them and then right afterwards I started working out at home.


I remember being in the mall with my little one, she let go of my hand and ran off, as I chased her she ran up on stage and started yelling “Look mommy, Richard Simmons, Richard Simmons the man on the TV ”

He was there promoting his latest thing, but she knew him because every day I would workout to his tapes and both girls would work out with me.


As soon as they could go to day care in the gym I was back, I’ve worked out with a broken arm, with a broken hand and even with a broken foot. But recently I broke my ribs (Yes, I am a klutz) I have to tell you that one put me down I couldn’t lift my hands up, I couldn’t pick up weights, I couldn’t even walk on the treadmill. This sucked big time for me, take away my coffee, make me eat like a vegetarian, no offense to you vegetarians out there but I love my meat, take away my sweets but please don’t take away my gym!


I was misrable and mean! Yes, working out is like brushing my teeth, I have to do it every day otherwise I don’t feel right. I was tired, had no energy, I didn’t want to wake up, I slept later, I snapped at everyone, I needed my stress reliever, I needed the gym!


For 4 weeks I have been gone and each time I tried to come back I knew these ribs were not going to let me. Each time I was even madder that this happened to me, like my body betrayed me even if my head was willing, my body wasn’t.


Finally Monday I said enough is enough and I took a class and even though I am sore to the point of I can’t tie my own shoes, I am happy I have energy, I am stress free and I am home…


I am going to be one of those 80 year olds at the gym that you say go grandma! I will compete on old lady triathlons just like that 69 year old lady that passed me right by when I did my first triathlon, I want to grow up to be her!


So today my friends, it’s never to late to change your life, I tell you all the time, your never to old, start today, ┬ádo it for 30 days and it will become a habit and like me you will become addicted and will do anything to get back to it.

Just like the Nike slogan says…just do it!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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