You are not disqualified, There is a plan for your life

Treadmill Treats Monday Message


You are not disqualified, There is a plan for your life


(For those new readers out there, on the 2 new sites I just joined, I write this blog every day 5 on Monday’s, I write Monday Message.

This is my spin on the message I got from church the day before. Some of you may want to read it, some may not, I am not about pushing my religion on anyone, I do it for me and if you get something out of it as well, that’s great, if not and your good, that also great. Whatever gets you through your day is great, this is what gets me through mine and what has gotten me through the worst of times.)


We all at some point in our lives think what we have done in our pasts are too bad, are too hideous to be forgiven for.

We start to think we are a lost cause, that even if we change, no one, including God will forgive us.


There are even “Church” people out there, that are pointing fingers at you, acting like they themselves have never sinned. So why would you want to change? Why would you want to come to church?


We become bitter with people, we have guilt, guilt from our past, the things we have done, the things that people have done to us, we hold on to all of that.


Are you carrying around all this stuff you did in your past, that you can’t let go of?


You were a drug addict, you had a abortion, you lied, you cheated… so how can you possibly be blessed? How could anyone forgive you?

I am here to tell you, you are not disqualified, God has a plan for your life.


But your thinking how can he bless me after the divorce? How can he bless me when I went to prison? How can he bless me when I did so many wrong things to so many people?


I am here to tell you I have done some terrible things in life, I write about them all the time, I lied, I was into drugs and alcohol, I had an abortion, I had an emotional affair during my marriage, I got divorced,

I am far from the “Perfect Christian”


So don’t disqualify yourself from your blessings, God didn’t disqualify you, so why are you doing it?


Did it not say;

“He will throw it into the sea of forgiveness”

Or better yet “He who had no sin, cast the first stone”

I love that one!


It’s about redemption, it’s about reconciliation, it’s about returning to God with all of his grace and mercy.


Don’t worry about people talking about you, thoese whollier than God people, they were doing exactly what you did yet they condemn you, now that they are in church.They forget they were once standing in your place, don’t worry about the haters, the people that keep trying to hold you back, you need to forgive yourself and know God has already forgiven you. Remember God says..


“You don’t know the plans I have for you”


No matter what you have done…God still has plans for you…


So today my friends, remember to set yourself free.

Free yourself of your guilt! Free yourself of the pain!

No mater how many times you may have been knocked down, no matter how you’ve tried to finish the race and got tripped up, you can do this, do not disqualify yourself, do not give up…

Let finish this together, you are not disqualified, you can and will do this…there is a plan for your life and itisthisclose… don’t stop now.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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