The power of the pen

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The power of the pen


I write this blog every day to try to inspire others. I want others to see what I’ve and the others I write about have been through. I want them to relate and see that your never to old, it’s never to late to change, that you can do or achieve anything, if you set your mind to it. 


The one thing you can always count on with me is my brutal honesty, I’ve admitted I was a liar in my past and I refuse to lie anymore. I tell it like it is, the good, the bad, the really, really ugly, warts and all,

I put it out there. There is nothing I am embarrassed about, no skeletons in my closets that I am afraid to let out, they are all already out.


I freely admit when I screwed up, when I fall down, when I get my heart broken, when I make bad decisions. Oh yes, I tell it all, I have no shame.


I have been writing this blog for the last 4 years, I don’t write it to call people out, I never name people (except Mr.Con Artist, that was a public service announcement message) 

I will write about people and things that have happened, some friends, some strangers, some from the news or media. I mixed them all together and tell everyone’s story. If you really, really know me, you will know who I am talking about and even then I would get messages that said “Was that blog about me?” Which I knew it clearly wasn’t but I had obviously hit a nerve with certain people.


See people are afraid of the truth, people are afraid that their “stuff” will be put out there, they are afraid the world will see who they are really. They are afraid of what people will say…they are afraid you will find out their secrets and even though you haven’t called them out, someone will know it’s them, you are talking about. They are living in such denial that just the thought puts them running back to check that, their closet is closed up tightly.


They are afraid that you will find out behind all the fancy clothes is a empty, cold heart.That in that big house with the “one” He is degrading you and telling you, you are stupid. That your own family puts you down so many times, that you have no self esteem and so you are jealous and petty and you try to talk bad about everyone eles, you try to make yourself the center of attention.


You try to hide your drinking problem, your crappy job, your unruly children as if we all don’t have these problems, as if admitting all of this will make you less than…a women, a wife, a man, a mother, a father…

This just means you are human and that we all have faults, that we all screwed up and that we are hopefully learning life lessons.


But here’s the thing, you cant learn lessons if you don’t admit your mistakes.

“Perfect” people don’t make mistakes is your theory, so you will never grow, you will constantly be small and petty, you will always talk bad about others to make yourself feel big, you will always be jealous because you will never have what they have…freedom to truly be you…


So yes, my friends you should be afraid of the power of the pen, because if I am writing something and you see yourself in it, enough to reach out, enough to stop being my friend, enough to turn others against me then you should stop and ask yourself what are you hiding? What are you so afraid of people finding out?


For me it’s about living in my truth, owing my faults, putting my heart out to help others, I live in total honesty, I live to learn lessons that make me grow even at my own expense, even for the whole world to see. I’ve learned that there were some doors that needed to be closed, that not everyone is there for the whole ride, that not everyone has your back. But it’s all good, I own me, I love me and most importantly I do not live in fear anymore, can you say the same?


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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