I am Christian but I am human

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I am Christian…but I am human


Recently a few people said something to me that really got to me, they said,

“That wasn’t very Christian of you” about some things I did and said.


Since when did I ever say because I am Christian that I am perfect?

What because I go to church? Please, If I sit in a garage does that make me a car?


No, I am human, I am so not perfect. ..Hello, do you read my blog? I get mad, I curse, I break all kinds of comandments, please!!

Don’t put me up on a pedestal because I praise my God or speak of his greatness in my blogs.

That does not make me holy than thou, that makes me a believer, that’s all.


That is the problem with people today especially people who go to church, they feel that they are better than others, that they have to be perfect after all “we” go to church.

They suddenly forget that they were once sinners and some still are, yet because they come to church that somehow makes them better.


No, here’s the thing my Bishop says all the time, is that we are all sick and broken and we come to church to be healed.


That is why I started going, I was broken and I needed help, I had no where else to turn, I had hit rock bottom, I was lying on the floor, praying for something I didn’t really believe in and even still he helped me, ¬†Hell, I still need help, lots of it!

I will never be perfect, even if I went to church 24/7 because I am human first…


So for all of you out there who point the finger at me and say “but your a Christian ….”

Get over it, I am just a person trying to be the best person I can be, I try to use this gift God gave me, this gift to serve others, to try to help others with my gift of words, I speak of my God and all he has had done for me because I am so grateful and hope others can find this feeling of peace and joy in their lives.


I do this because I hope one day to be standing in front of him and for him to say “Well done, my child, well done”


So today my friends I will leave you with this…all of Jesus apostles were not “great and holy” most were sinners who were trying to change and still fell short, They were thief’s, liar’s and even Moses, who was a killer… yet Jesus accepted them, they were trying to be the best they could be, even though they would never be “Perfect Christians ”


So do me a favor don’t point fingers …I am just a human trying my hardest to be “Christ like” that’s all.

Remember he who had no sins, cast the first stone.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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