Step out of your box

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


Step out of your box


Doing anything new is scary but sometimes you need to step out of your box and do something unexpected, you will never know what wonderful things could happen to you when you do.


I remember when I was separated, I felt so alone, I had plans to hang out with my daughters but their dad had made plans for them and no one bother to let me know.


I thought I have two choices here:

1- I could sit home by myself

or 2- I could go out by myself

I was not into sitting home by myself yet again so I took door number two.


Yes, it was scary but it was better than sitting home alone and being depressed.


A few weeks later I joined, its a site that puts together people by their interests, like yoga, bike riding, women empowerment Ect. Whatever you might be into, they have groups for it.


So I went on line to their  calender and found they were getting together for a free concert in the park with like three other meet up groups.


I decided why not, so I got l changed, got in my car and went. Did I know anyone? No! Was I meeting anyone there? No!

I was stepping out of my box by going to this concert and I was determined to meet new people.


I found the group leader and introduced myself, he in return, introduced me to all the members and even the memebers in the other group and unbelievably, we had a ball.


I got to meet around thirty new people, I got to network and I had a blast. Afterwards we went to the casino to see another band and have some drinks. I had such a great time, so much better than sitting home alone.


I decided that yes, I will be going to another group meet up with them and to others by myself because it was so much better than sitting home by myself !


I was afraid of change, I lived my life in fear, I stayed in a horrible marriage because of fear. In order to change your life, you need to let go of fear, you need to embrace change and you need to step out of your box.


So today my friends, what have you wanted to do but were scared to do? Tell that guy, you’ve known forever that you like him? Go to the movies by yourself? Learn to dance even if you don’t have a partner?


Whatever it is you should crawl out of your box and try, you never know, you just might have a blast like I did. Try it, step out of your box, you only live once!!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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