alentine’s ay there’s no V or D for alot of us

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alentine’s ay there’s no V or D for alot of us


Yes, another Valentine’s day and for many of us we are still single. So many cards, flowers and hearts everywhere you look, you can’t help but to be bombarded with signs that keep reminding you, that you have no one.


For people like me who are really romantic, this is a tough holiday, l love to buy cards and gifts, do special things for the man I love but here’s the thing I didn’t need a day to tell me to do these things, no for me it was an all the time thing. I wanted my man, hell I want all the people in my life to know how much I love them, all the time.


Why is it we have holidays to remind us to do the things we should be doing all year long. My Bishop preached a great sermon yesterday about how of all of God’s words, the most talked about in the bible was love. How we need to love one another, how we even need to love our enemies…wow, tough one for so many of us.


Yes, we should be showing love to everyone, I didn’t need a day to tell me to buy a card or give flowers to my mom or my girls or the man I am with.

I do so because I want them to feel appreciated and loved all year long and not just on the obligatory day, which feels like your suppose to do it, because everyone else is.


I also don’t feel like a half of person because I have no one. I don’t feel like my life will start when I meet the “Right one” No, I am whole now.


I am content with my life and myself, would I like to have someone to share my life?  Yes, absolutely I am a truly romantic person and I enjoy being in a relationship but I will not settle anymore.


I now know my worth and until I meet someone who also knows my worth, I will be content to be alone.

I will be okay buying Valentine’s cards for my girls and flowers for my loved one ( how I miss giving my mom flowers on no special occasions )

I will tell the people I love that they are special every day because I don’t know how much time I have here and I never want to have regrets or should haves in my life.


So today my friends, you might not have any V or D for alentine’s ay but I am sure you have other people in your life you love, that you want to spend time with and even if you don’t love yourself because it begins with you, if you don’t love yourself first, you cant love anyone else.


Hoping you all had a wonderful day!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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