Beyonce and Jay-Z she put it out there

Thursday Treadmill Treats


Beyonce and Jay-Z, she put it out there.


Everyone is talking about the Beyonce video special Lemonade and there seems to be two camps out there. One says good for you for calling him and his side ho out, the other says why do you have to call them out, it should be done privately.


If you read my blog you know which side I fall with,

l am the Taylor Swift of writing, sorry I feel big emotions, I am creative, I need to express my feelings, for me its writing for Taylor and Beyonce, it’s singing but one way or another its coming out.


My outlook on this is one my old best friend use to say “If they haven’t done anything shitty, then they have nothing to worry about” my sentiments exactly.


Your my husband, my boyfriend, the one who is supposed to have my heart and you, instead of coming to me and trying to work out whatever isn’t working for you in our relationship, instead you go out and cheat.


There is no NOT calling you out and there is definitely no NOT calling out your side ho either. She knew you were married yet she chose to break up a marriage, a family for a quick lay or to try to get into the wifes spot. Either way its sleazy and you both deserve to get called out.


I am so not perfect but the one thing I would never do is mess with a married man, first of all your stupid to think he’s ever going to leave his wife and family, second where is your morals, think about how you would feel if that was your husband, your children’s father? How can you think it’s okay?


Dont get me wrong I definitely am not just blaming the side ho, I am blaming the man as well. Your not a man, your a coward, if your not “happy” fix it or get out, don’t destroy a family for your 15 minutes of cheap pleasure, to make yourself “happy” or more manly.


Beyonce is a better women than me because she took him back, that would never happen with me.


I am a one and done chick, you cheat once were done, period, end of discussion, smack you in the head with your phone, throw you to the curb with your stuff on the lawn at 2 am with no money and no car and no coming back, kind of girl….oh wait that was a flash back of Mr.Con Artist.


Yes, I am a ride or die kind of girl, I stand by my man, I got your back but do that to me….nah…we’re done.


Maybe they can make it work, maybe she might be able to trust him again, maybe he’ll be able to keep it in his pants, one thing is for sure she got some big one’s to call him out in public, to call the side ho out and then to take him back….got to give the girl credit….big ones to do it all while the world is watching and taking sides.


So today my friends remember if you play, you pay, there is always consequences for your actions. Dont think that someone is not going to call you out for your wrong doing…my advice dont do anything wrong and you dont have anything to be worried about.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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