How I miss my mom

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How I miss my mom


As I sit out in my beautiful back yard, my thoughts are on my mom.

I am saddened that yet another mother’s day is here and I don’t have my mom to call, to send flowers to, to tell her that I love her.


My mom was my best friend, we spoke every day sometimes twice a day. When she finally moved here so that I could help her take care of my ailing dad, I was beyond thrilled, it was  never a burden for me.


She was my role model, my inspiration, my heart.

I learned so much from her… to give without expecting anything in return, to be a true friend, to reach out and help strangers, to open her heart and her home to people who had no one. She taught to work hard and take pride in the fact that a women can do anything a man can do, if she sets her mind to it.


She showed me family  meant everything, that she made sure I had everything I needed even if it meant she had one dress for years and years.

She made sure we had dinner every night together, to sit down as a family so we could talk about our day.


She showed me its not the quantity of time you spend with a person but the quality of time. She worked 6 nights a week serving drunks at the local diner from 11 at night to 7 in the morning to provide, yet on her one day off she made sure it was spent with me.


She taught me compassion as I watched her take care of my grandmother and my father while they were sick and until they passed.


She was an amazing mom but a more amazing human being and I am so grateful to have had her as my mom.


There are so many times I pick up the phone to tell her something or even still say

“I’ll ask mom” and then it hits me she’s not here anymore to do that and again my heart breaks.


So today my friends, pick up the phone, send flowers for no reason, send a card, an email or text message telling her that you love her, tell her how much you appreciated her and what she did for you. Mend broken fences because life is short and you just never know…when it will be too late and I can rememeber my moms voice as she use to say all the time “Don’t bring flowers to my grave, because I can’t smell them there” God…I miss you mom….


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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