Prince’s family coming out of the woodwork



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Prince’s family coming out of the woodwork…


I don’t make it a habit of watching the news as it is a depressing hour of horrible things going on in the news, never anything good or positive.


I listen to the radio, any earth breaking news I need to hear I will hear it in that 4 minute slot of news they bring you.


The other day I heard that Prince died without a will and that his “suppose” family came crawling out of the woodwork to see if they can get some of his fortune.


First I am shocked that a man like him, smart, rich, with a boat load of people that he employees why would he not have a will?

Didn’t his attorney say hey maybe you should draw up a will? Didn’t his account,  manager, dear friends or a family member say maybe that is a good idea?


What was he thinking? He had to know if he died what a circus it would turn into, that people that shouldn’t get money might and the people he might want to be taken care might not.


I’ve always had one, who do you want your children to be raised by? Who is going to look over the money you leave? What are my wishes? I wasn’t leaving any of this to chance and I changed it again when I got divorced as I wanted to be sure my girls got what they were entitled to.


I went through that once and I never want to go through that again and I sure as hell didn’t want my girls to go through that.


When my dad died he supposedly wrote a new will, my step mom got everything and I got nothing but that wasn’t enough, the cars he left to me, she sold before the reading of the will and my mother had to take her to court for the money.

In the limo heading to the funeral home, they were talking about how they were going to spend his money and he wasn’t even in the ground yet!


I was 15 and I was the light of his life, he would have never left me with nothing…he even made sure years before he had a mortgage policy on my mom’s house without her knowing, that paid off the house in the event he died.

He wanted to make sure we were both taken care of.


But money changes everyone and the ugly comes out, to me it wasn’t about the money as I gave my mom most of it, as she was struggling and she could really use it, by the way this was 5 years later when I actually got the money.


My point is its not about the money its about what the money does to people.

It makes people who didn’t care about you suddenly say they are kin, it makes people think they are entitled because they share the same name, it destroys families. Hello! Didn’t he see what the Jacksons went through? What was he thinking? 


Maybe he had an old maid that was there for him for years when his family wasn’t or an assistant that loved him more that blood and they get nothing would that be fair? Yet the blood sucking family that never called or came by, only for money, will be getting it all.


We all think we will live forever, we don’t want to think about our mortality but it’s going to happen like it or not so we might as well be prepared so our wishes will be carried out.


So today my friends, take care of your business, get a power of attorney, get a living will, fill out a organ donor card and make a will.

These things are easy to get online all you need to do is fill them out and have them notarized thats it, you don’t even need a attorney or fancy paperwork.


Spell out your wishes, your kids, your ailing health if it comes down to that, all of it.

Don’t let it become the circus Prince’s death is becoming, be prepared, be responsible.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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