Scarring yourself to death….literally

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Scarring yourself… literally to death


I have wrote a lot about fear because I know how fear can control your life, keep you stuck in the same horrible marriage, a job you call hell, in a life you hate because you are so afraid of change that you’d rather stay stuck, hurt and broken, than face the fear of the unknown.


I recently heard of a friend who knows someone who literally  scare her herself to death. She found a lump in her breast but was so afraid to find out what it was she didn’t go to a doctor for a year. Yes she had insurance, she had the money to take care of it, but fear gripped her so much that for a year she couldn’t face it.


It wasn’t until her breast started oozing, that a year later she went and now she found out she has stage 4 breast cancer.


How sad is that? Now she has so many regrets about not going sooner, so many would have, could haves, should haves but it is too late for that, she didn’t do anything about it because fear kept her stuck..


I write about stress making you literally sick, that it manifest itself into sickness in your body and how you are the only one that can control that by letting go.


I remember stressing so bad while I was going through my divorce, that I couldn’t sleep, I lost so much weight (okay maybe not such a bad thing)


Except every time I went to eat my stomach turned and I felt like puking, my hair fell out, I had chest pains and ran to the doctor swearing I was having a heart attack, no… no heart attack, he said ….dum..dum..dum drum roll please…. I was suffering from stress and now after thousands of dollars in tests and copayments I was even more stressed!


I had to let it go otherwise I was going to continue this viscous cycle.


I realized that you can’t worry about the what if’s, you need to live for today, be grateful for today, because you being stressed doesn’t change the outcome of anything.


So here we have stress making you sick and fear killing you and yet we hang on to these two emotions, we grip them tighter and tigher because that is what we know.


The more stress we have the more fear takes over, the more fearful we become the more stressed we are. Yes these two go hand in hand, like two evil cousins and we allow them to rule our lives.


Is it easy to let these go? No, nothing in life worth doing is easy, again it takes practice and yes, lately I have been talking a lot about that as well.

How I am trying to to practice what I preach and every time I slip and fall I stop and remember, that I have to let it go.


So today my friends remember that the only thing fear and stress is good for is nothing! Remember life is too short and ask your self this one important question, is is worth making yourself sick over? Is it worth  dying for? The only answer is change. …


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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