I write the way I speak

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I write the way I speak


Last night I got an email from one of the sites I blog on, they apparently had an issue with my work.

Now as a writer we take this personal, this is your feelings, your words, your voice, so when someone says that, you take that crap to heart.


They took issue with my grammar, that it wasn’t proper English, last I  looked I don’t live in England.This is me… this is the way I speak, just like if we were sitting in your back yard over drinks.


I write like I speak, I not trying to be proper, I’m not the best speller, I don’t stress about “proper grammar” I am trying to get a message across to my readers, I am real and that’s why people read my blog, because I am real, I don’t hold back, I never sugar coat it, I am a in your face New Yorker, that’s me, like it or not, I am not losing sleep over it, sorry I am not changing.


I tried to be someone else for too many years and ended up miserable, this half of my life is for me and being the true me, the one God made me to be.


I remember when I found a editor from my church and I gave him my book. When he gave it back me, he had changed the way I spoke to  proper English. There was all these shall’s, therefore, thou not’s, who the hell speaks like that today? Surly not a 15 year old,  which is how old I was where the book started and definitely not a tough New Yorker that I turned into.


So I had to go through the whole book, all 498 pages and change it back into my voice. Then I gave it back for the last edit and guess what he changed it back again!! So I had to go through another 498 pages to change it all back, this is how I speak, right or wrong, its is what it is.


I get he is “proper” and he has a big degree from a

la ti dah universty and he speaks like that as well but

I grew up poor, I didn’t go to fancy schools, I was lucky I graduated, let alone got into a community college to get a degree in commercial art…tell you anything? Not a English major that’s for sure.


So no, I will not change how I write, I touch many people because people can relate to me, to my words, to who I am and you know what?

I like who I am after so many years of not liking me, I am good, I am comfortable in my own skin, I am not proper and will never be and that’s okay…I’m me…crappie grammar and all, it’s all good.


So today my friends, don’t let anyone tell you to be something your not, stand up own your life and who you are and even if you have to walk away like I did, it’s all good not everyone will get you and it’s not your job to make everyone happy, you just have to be happy with yourself, just being yourself.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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