Do as I say not as I do

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Do as I say not as I do..


I write this blog every day and every day I am trying to inspire you …to believe, to have faith, to let go of your fear. I am here to let you know you can do anything you put your mind to, even when you can’t see out of the black hole you might be currently in now.


I know you will get out and I am a living testimony of how great it can be once your out because I’ve been there.


But I am human, I fall on my face all the time, I make wrong  decisions, pick the wrong men, I go through trials and troubles just like anyone else except I put all of my screw ups for the world to read, to talk about, exposing myself…but I do it so that others will know yes, there will be hard times and struggles but you have to have faith.


I speak it and I tell you it’s a practice you have to do every day, you have to practice and teach yourself, you woke up today, be grateful, you chose to be happy and see things positive, you chose to have faith, it’s all practice.


Oprah once had on the author from Eat pray love and she said while she was India she met a woman who had been praying  there for 10 years, she went back home to NY for a week for a wedding and when she came back she said how crazy and drama filled her family was, how she couldn’t handle it and how glad she was to be back in the asuram.


Elizabeth looked at her and said “So for 10 years you’ve  learned nothing here, if you had practice what you’ve learned here, you would have dug inside and pulled out the peace you were supposed to learning here, now your just running away from it, to hide here”


Wow, how true, you need to practice it, practice peace in the mist of chaos, it is not your chaos, don’t let it effect you.


So yes, as my dear friend Adrian pointed out to me,

I am not practicing what I preach and so last night I lite my candles, I got out my sage and I smuged my house, then I got my annotated oil and I anointed everything, I prayed for peace, to let me practice that I am not afraid anymore, that I left fear in my other life and I will not look back there and repick up my old habits.


No, I have new ways to deal now and even if now and then I slip and I want to run back to the past, I know what an incredible life I now have and even when it feels like the world is after you, even when life seems like it is out of control, be still and know God, your higher power, Buddha, the universe, what ever you call it, it has your back.


Let go the past and give it over as you cannot change the outcome so why worry, just have faith and believe.


So today my friends remember to practice what you preach, practice every day, practice over and over again and when you slip and fall, get up, cry, have a pity party and continue to practice again.

Remember practice makes perfect  ..


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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