Nothing changes when nothing changes

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Nothing changes when nothing changes


One of my best friends use to say this all the time and she is right, nothing changes when nothing changes.


You have to want to make a change in your life for something to happen, its not just going to happen on its own. If you read my blog you know that I’m a big believer in anybody can change, if you truly want to. You can change anything about your life, anything about who you are.


This must come from you, you can’t do it because someone else wants this for you or believe that someone else can do this for you. You also can’t want to do this for somebody else, to please someone else, because eventually you’re not pleasing yourself and you’ll go back to the way you were.


This must be about you and for you. Saying all of this there are some people who will never change becauseĀ  that’s just who they are, that’s just who they choose to be.

Take my grandmother for instance, she was a mean bitter, negative woman all of her life. I can’t remember when she wasn’t like this. This is who she was, she hated men, she never had a nice word to say, she always criticize everything.


As a little child when I would do something wrong and she wouldn’t talk to me for days, she was horrible, I would try to talk to her, say I was sorry for something I had no idea, for what I had done.


Now she could have change if she wanted to,

I absolutely believe that,

yet she chose to be this person every single day.


I wrote about my cousin being mean spirited and petty as a child, and as an adult she is no different, could she had grown up to be a different person? Absolutely but she didn’t, as an adult she is still the same jealous, bitter and mean spirited person. I have a friend who says he wants to change, he’s sick of his girlfriend treating him like crap, sick of drinking every night, sick of who he is and how he treats others yet he is still there taking her abuse, he’s still drinking, still acting like he’s a teenager.


My ex boyfriend, who I love dearly, has been telling me the same story for years, he’s moving, he’s going to become rich, how he’s building this house, he has done none of these things nor made any effort to try to achieve these goals. They both “talk” a good game but never make a move to achieve their goals or dreams.


A great bible verse is “Faith without works is dead” Meaning if you have faith but if you do nothing about it, it’s not happening!


That’s like saying you want a man yet you don’t go out, your not online, your not putting any effort into finding but you have faith…. What do you think that prince charming will knock on your door, on one knee with flowers and chocolates? Get real!


Yes, you need to put effort, put yourself out there, go to an AA meeting, (okay but not to find a man)

Start looking for that land, start saving, decide your not going to be mean, read self help books, go to consulting, leave your verbally abusive boyfriend/girlfriend…

Insert your bullshit story here and then change it, don’t talk, do!


I have many friends that have changed, my one friend started a new career at 45, she went back to school, got her degree in what she always wanted to do. My other friend stopped doing drugs and partying turning her whole life around, she now eats rights, exercises and is a huge role model for others in the same situation, giving back to help.


I had a friend that was 350 pounds, couldn’t walk, on all kinds of pills, doctors told him he was going to die, he decided to change, he is now a coach, he looks terrific and is helping others do the same.


I was miserable, unhappy,

I didn’t like my self or my life, I changed my career, my attitude. I left a extremely wealthy marriage with nothing, I did a triathlon, I hated running and I couldn’t even swim!


Really you can’t change? Go petal that somewhere else, I am a true believer in anyone can change, you just really have to want it.


Will there be set backs? Will you repeat mistakes? Absolutely! Nothing is easy and I am not here to lie to you, I tell you all the time,

I am not Willy Wonker, I am not going to sugar coat it!


But nothing is as gratifying as when you accomplish what you set out to do. Nothing gives you that feeling of, you did it!


So today my friends remember you can do anything, be anything, change anything…just change today, because nothing changes when nothing changes.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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