Did you really just say that?

Thursday Treadmill Treats


Did you really just say that?


I am continuing my week long series on peace, love and torrance for the senseless killings in Orlando.


I go to a predominantly  black church and I remember after the shooting of Travon Martin, one of my friends said to me.

“Are you really going to church?”

Confused I asked “Why?”

“Well aren’t you afraid?”

“Afraid of what?” I asked.

“Afraid of getting killed?”

She actually asked with a straight face


I stood there with my mouth open, when I finally asked “Did you just really say that? That was the dumbest thing I ever heard!”


She thought because I am white, that someone in my church was going to kill me because they were angry about the senseless killing of this young man, as if I shot him.


People don’t think, people just say things that make you shake your head in wonder. (Sometimes your wondering if they have a brain.)


Do they really think people will hate a whole race for something one person did?


Yes, there are many ignorant people who do just this. After 911 they wanted to deport anyone who was Muslim, I know lots of Muslims who believe in peace and love, that hated the fact that someone was so full of hate, calling themselves a Muslim, could do this to so many innocent  people.


In the second world War they arrested anyone who was Japanese, born here or not. They put them into holding camps, jails even though they had nothing to do with the bombing on Pearl Harbor, even though some of them had never set foot in Japan, it didn’t matter they were all guilty by association.


Hitler made everyone hate the Jewish people, why? Who knows, he was sociopath, but he got hundreds of thousands of people to kill innocent families, made them live like less then animals for years.


Did we not learn from our mistakes? Yes, there are some people that have hatred for whatever reason, that are willing to kill others because they are not like them.


They are so full of hate and anger, they hate anyone who is different, they need no more reason than that.

They want you to believe in their sick cause, they want you to hate them as well, jump on their hateful bandwagon.


But not everyone is hateful, not everyone is filled with anger, not everyone believes there is all bad in a race or religion or sexual preference.


No, there are kind, loving, forgiving people in this world and they know that one person does not represent the whole.

We know that there are more good than evil in this world, we refuse to believe that one bad apple spoils a bunch.


No, I for one will not judge an entire race, an entire religion for the hatred one person displays, I will keep loving each peson for who they are in their hearts, in their souls. I will pray for these sick individuals that they and the others like them will let go of the hatred in their hearts, to see that we are all the same.


And I will pray for those who mouths work before their brains get a chance to shut them up so I won’t have to say anymore “Did you just really say that?”



“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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